Amazing Twitter Thread for Sex Workers: How to NOT Out Yourself!

Data Security and safety for sex workers

We are interested in ALL things sex work here at Findom Lifestyle. This mag is for the SW, findom and paid online socialite crowd and OUR interests. Twitter is the THE hub for all sex work right now because it is technically a “mature” rated app and site. So it is THE number one spot for SW social media promo.

Because of its popularity with sex workers, we have built a great network there among ourselves. We tend to keep in touch and share as much good info all across the Twitter SW spectrum. It is because of this very networking that an AMAZING thread came to my attention.

Important data security info for sex workers

This Twitter thread comes from @DeLaineInLA and is all about PRIVACY and DATA SECURITY for sex workers. It gives more good advice than I could possibly write here so just check it out for yourself. It starts with the need (and some of the why’s) to use a VPN

Don’t OUT yourself accidentally! Use a VPN

Did you know BLUETOOTH can be dangerous when meeting clientele?

The thread continues with HOW to make sure your vanilla/personal social media isn’t creeping into your work media and vice versa. It then goes to to give info such as WHY to have bluetooth turned off when meeting clients.

Turn off your BLUETOOTH when meeting clients

Tweet after tweet filled with great sex work safety info

Some of this was advice I had heard before (still great advice no matter what) and SOME is advice I have NEVER heard given elsewhere. DeLaine could run a whole class on this subject. Anyways be sure to follow @DeLaineInLA on twitter and here is a direct LINK to the beginning of the thread so you can read the whole thing for yourself! Stay Safe! And thanks to DeLaine for caring enough to share this precious information.


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