Best News EVER-Coffee is GOOD for You!

coffee can be good for you

Coffee is more than just your favorite morning drink-it is a good for you therapeutic HERB with medicinal value!

Read on to find out all the things the HERB coffee can DO for your health! Find out the BEST ways to maximize its therapeutic value for YOU! The following article is sourced and written by @FWitchery. For more of her amazing herbal and magickal insights be sure and support by joining the FWitchery Patreon too!

Coffee isn’t an herb right? Well technically Webster’s Dictionary defines an herb to be “a plant or plant part valued for its medicinal, savory, or aromatic qualities”. So yes coffee is an herb and one of the most commercially popular at that.

Coffee has therapeutic uses. Find out the best way to drink it for health.
Um, coffee is NOT just for waking up anymore guys! Read on to find out therapeutic uses and the BEST way to drink it for HEALTH

You are sitting there just thinking your using the caffeine aka accellerant to remove your morning brain fog but in fact you are reaping many other benefits as well.

Coffee may be beneficial in the following ways:

*Relieving Constipation: due to the increased acidity in coffee.

*Acute Bronchitis Symptoms:  Caffeine is a bronchodilator that has effects similar to prescription medications used to treat breathing difficulty caused by bronchitis. Though prescriptions work immediately and caffeine has to be digested in order to reap the benefits for your lungs.

*Happiness: Yes coffee causes your brain to create more dopamine which is a neurohormone responsible for pleasure. This also makes it an addictive substance as anything that spikes dopamine is libel to be.

*MS Treatment Management: Coffee is known to help break down the damaging process of inflammation and damage in the brain from MS. So adding coffee to your diet may help reduce symptoms of MS.

*Allergies: Take your allergy meds with 1 cup of coffee for extra allergy help. Excellerents are what we mainly use for allergies and caffeine can fit this bill too.

*Type 2 Diabetes: Coffee helps your body produce more  glucose levels and plasma adiponectin concentration. Both of these help reduce insulin resistance. It may also reduce your chances of getting type 2 diabetes.

*Antioxidant Rich: Most of us know that coffee is rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants break down the free radicals that build up in our bodies creating cellular damage.

*Headaches: Due to how caffeine tightens the blood vessels in the brain it can have a soothing effect on headaches or migraines. You may know that excedrin even has caffeine added to it for that exact reason.

*Post Workout Pain: One study suggests that 2 cups of coffee after working out may reduce post workout soreness and pain by almost half. (Journal of Pain

*Prevents Tooth Decay: Black coffee kills the bacteria in your mouth that creates tooth decay. It just can’t survive the acidity of coffee.

There’s actually a lot more studies in the works about how helpful coffee can be and how it may help you live longer for more on that go to But you get my point. Coffee is awesome, which a lot of us already know. 🙂

Now the question is…. Are you getting the most out of your coffee? A lot of us have really bad coffee habits that negate some of it’s great side effects. Here’s some ways to make your coffee better for you!

Coffee is an herb that has medicinal value and can be good for you
Coffee has medicinal value too

*Drink it Black: Drinking coffee black is the most healthy way to drink your coffee. It eliminates high amounts of sugar most of us intake with our coffee, it eliminates highly processed creamers which have a lot of bad chemicals in them. Can’t give them up? Try using natural creamer & stevia for a healthier option. The only downside to drinking coffee black is it stains your teeth and the acidity is harder on your stomach.

*Drink it with Cinnamon: I’ll go into cinnamon another day but a little cinnamon goes a long way. It has antioxidants, it’s an anti-inflammatory, and it has insulin and hearth health benefits.

*Drink it with Cocoa: Cocoa is also high antioxidants, may boost your mood, help with weight loss, and much more.

*Drink Organic Coffee: This helps guarantee you’re drinking less chemicals and pesticides.

*Don’t Drink Coffee After 2: Coffee blocks the natural chemical  adenosine from attaching in the brain preventing drowsiness for many hours after consumption. People with ADD may feel this more or less strongly than the average person.

*Drink it with Coconut Milk: Not only is this cutting out dairy, but coconut milk helps boost your immune system as well as getting extra vitamins and minerals.

*Drink it with Ginger: How about some gingerbread coffee? Ginger is a natural digestive aid as well as a big helper with inflammation.

*Drink it with Peppermint Oil: Peppermint Oil is amazing! It is full of vitamins, it aids with digestion, inflammation, headaches, reduce stress and bad breath.

*Drink it with Maple Syrup: Maple syrup has lower sugar content then most artificial creamers as well as antibacterial properties.

So go ahead and enjoy your coffee a little more this morning knowing it may just help you live longer.

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