BEST of the WEEK! May 6th-12th Killer Tweets!

Get ready for the best tweets of last week including how to handle unwanted dick pics (it’s GOOD), self image boosting, peer collabs and more! Some of the best in the scene, curated just for you so YOU don’t have to do the looking.

First up is a two-fer. It is a tweet by @imani_yvonne2 with a reply from @DigitalEmpress.

This is the perfect way to remember to fuel your fire by burning the hate.

Talk about getting your mindset right.

Actual Black Mermaid aka @imani_yvonne2 has so much wisdom in her tweets that it can blow your mind. She is HIGHLY skilled at the compensated worth game (as I like to call it), and let’s face it. THAT is why we are all here. And @DigitalEmpress swoops in with one of the BEST lines of the week for those of us who need a push or who can feel the hate coming at us. Read it again sometime when you can feel the haters breathing down your neck. GENIUS!

Learning to deal with haters can fuel your life.

Next up is a twip from @DarthLux that resonated strongly with me. If you have ever had someone tell you that sex work is “not a real job” then this sweet, short simple tweet says it all. It might be something you are already thinking, but doesn’t it just feel GOOD to see it written down? Yes, it does.

Sex Work IS real work. Thank you!

Sex work IS real work. It feels good to see it written down sometimes, doesn’t it?

One of the best tweets of the week is from the beautiful @Dulcenalgass. I just love her beautiful smile as she tells potential shamers they do not matter. PERFECTION. This is the way to do it, folx.

This is a beautiful person. That SMILE is everything.

Body shaming is not welcome here. That smile is the best response to a BS attempt (see what I did there?)

The next killer tweet is from @Mistress1Chloe and deals with peer collaboration. This twip delivers great advice for anyone hoping to work on a shared project or in a co-working situation. Clarity goes a long way in saving everyone time and in getting the results you want from the connection.

When working with peers, communication can save much grief. We all have varying wants and standards.

@Princess_Koko shares a great thought about what a D/s relationship CAN be. If you feel like you are getting a skewed perspective in what you want out of relationships with subs or fans then refer back to this tweet. The relationship can end up being a lot of things. This is good.

A D/s relationship can be so many things. Open your mind to other ways of doing it.

You were sent a dick pic? Here is how to handle it. A MUST READ!

Last but not least, here comes MY FAVORITE twip of the week. This might actually be one of the best tweets of all time.Here comes the PERFECT advice for how to handle an unsolicited dick pic. You know how lame it is. You are minding your own business and some jerk sends you a picture of his junk into your DM’s or inbox. Well @MistressTissa tells you not only the HOW but the WHY of handling this situation.

The perfect way to deal with an unsolicited dick pic.

There is no better means for handling the unwanted dick pic annoyance. Is there such as thing as the tweet MIC DROP? I think this tweet deserves it, lol.

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