CLIPS Make Me Money While I Sleep. YOU can do this too!

CLIPS are onw way to make passive income.

If you feel unsure about making clips, now is the time to reconsider!

Think you Don’t want to make clips? Get on IWANTCLIPS Now and You Can Make Money while you SLEEP! Get passive income through clips. Can you imagine waking up to sales of your clips? IT HAPPENS!

When you hear THESE reasons, you will be into the clip idea even more!

There are major reasons FOR making clips and other content to put on Even if you think youhave NO interest in being a video maven, you could be making money while you sleep. Get paid while you are on vacation or while you are having down times where subs are hard to meet. That’s right! Think about all the times when you’ve had trouble meeting subs. It can be hard getting tributes but you STILL to make some money as a findom. Well clips can still be selling even while you are having down times in other areas.

Think about the times subs have wanted to know more about you or see you on cam. If you have a clip store then you can send them THERE. They can watch a clip to experience you visually if you do not feel like camming that day. Or let them go buy a clip during times you cannot interact but still want their money.

Want to meet more subs and paying fans?

Having trouble meeting new subs? On iwantclips there’s already a built in fanbase of subs who LOVE femdom and findom. Financial domination is usually their top selling category of clips, followed by other femdom kinks. Simply uploading clips regularly to IWC could help you be seen by a whole new group of potential fans.

Having clips can also be a way to let subs see WHAT you are all about. It can even be like getting to have a session with you without YOU having to do the session. Many different guys could buy the SAME clip. You can be profiting over and over while building a crew of fans who could become tributers.

Think about it-you make a clip telling all about FINDOM and domination. Make it in your style, and can send fans to buy THAT if they want to know more about you. Why simply tell them all about yourself-they could be a potential timewaster. Instead have them PAY you for this very basic info instead by buying it in clip form. YOU set the prices. IWC takes a cut (obviously) BUT they do the hosting and deal with the money. They also direct traffic towards your items by giving you a site on which to post them. You could sell the clips all on your own, but a HUGE amount of customers could discover you if you post it THERE as well. It is well worth it.

Sick of making FINDOM verification videos? CLIPS are the answer!

And you know those assholes who keep asking you to verify or make verification videos on twitter? Well once you start having content out there the need to verify becomes less and less. Your CLIPS will show who you are and what you are about. Someone asks you to verify you can just send them RIGHT THERE.

Oh, and it isn’t only CLIPS. You can do audio files if you like, That’s right! You can record audio talking about domming or your fave kinks and upload it to IWC to be purchased. If you want the chance to make money but do NOT want to appear on cam then CLIPS are great option for you. This could be making you money as you sleep! LITERALLy!

Let’s not forget that on IWC you get your own phone store where you can set any rate you please. AND there is a paid messaging system. You can CHARGE for fans/subs to read the mail you send them on that site. They have to PAY to view it. You can play mail games like “raise the rate” where each sequential mail is a bigger tease and costs more to view!

HARD WORK pays off! Create your own content and get PAID!

Now don’t get me wrong-it DOES take work to make the money, like anything else. First you have to be willing to either FILM those clips or record audio. They do not have to be perfect at first, so don’t let THAT discourage you. Matter of fact, go to your fave clip artist’s clipstore. Search for their EARLIEST posted clips and you’ll be able to SEE how far they have come since they started. This is to be expected.

Your very first clips are a learning experience. Another thing to note is that EVERYTIME you post a new item (clip or audio or pdf), it appears on the front page of the site. THIS IS VALUABLE and can get you seen by potential buyers. This is why it pays to make content regularly. It is NOT necessary though and some of the biggest sellers post infrequently but have quality content.

Passive Income is Good in every season!

Any way you look at it, it can be a great way to generate some passive income. Income comes in while you are busy milking pigs or at your day job or on vacation. It gives you lots of options to meet NEW subs. Clips also let you monetize the things you would be saying and showing anyways. So why not?
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