Don’t Miss This Twitter HELP and ADVICE Mega Thread

Sometimes on SW twitter a post shines and stands out as CAN’T MISS help and advice. Sure, we know twitter as a source of laughs and killing time and yes, even drama. However twitter is THE spot for adult industry self promotion and community networking leading to some majorly USEFUL advice sharing.

Recently @dominakylie aka Kruel Kylie took the time to tweet one of the MOST COMPREHENSIVE help threads I’ve ever seen. No matter your experience level there are tips for camming, domming, clip making and MORE you must read! This is THE guide for anyone trying to get a good foundation in online SW including social media promo plus camming and video content.

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If you don’t know Kruel Kylie yet, you will!

Kylie is a Canadian Dominatrix who has earned the privilege of being featured in the iwantclips Artist Spotlight. Her hordes of loyal fans use her custom domain as a way to go directly to get their Kylie fix and can attest that she is DEFINITELY doing something right! She has a very popular OnlyFans and is well known in the findom and fetish content creator scene. And the fact she is taking so much of what she has learned and sharing it is actually a pretty big deal!

I am going to show some of my favorite tweets from the thread so you can benefit from them too. Remember they’re just a SMALL sample of the tweets in that thread. So get ready for a generous helping of, well, HELP.

First a few words from the lady herself …

However we need to hear what Kruel Kylie herself had to say about her popular advice thread. I asked her what INSPIRED her to volunteer so much of her earned experience. Listen up guys, THIS is good info TOO:

After purchasing numerous informative packages from other sex workers, I realized how little this really amounted to. All the information I had come across was either: A. Easily discovered through quick web & forum searches. B. Not applicable to every sex worker. One morning I woke up and thought ”Well, I either post this and nobody cares and over-looks it, or somebody finds it very informative and is able to apply these tips I’ve been using over the years, I’m happy.” I didn’t expect my post to garner so much attention and appreciation. I feel very lucky that I’m able to share my knowledge with others – I’m hoping one day somebody comes back along and let’s me know how my info shared has helped them. I want everybody reading my posts, and your article, to know that you DO NOT need to spend hundreds of dollars to gain valuable knowledge in this industry. Take the time to google things, and take every session, every interaction with other sws and also clients as a very valuable learning experience. ” – Kruel Kylie (twitter: @dominakylie)

Here are some of my favorite tweets from this MASSIVE and helpful thread

Best TIMES to make money when camming or getting tributes

Great advice-keep reading. The tips gets DEEP (you have such a dirty mind! lol)

Engage to grow your social media

AMAZING social media advice for anyone trying to get a grip on HOW to be successful promoting their SW

social media advice for findoms

Consider it SEX WORK etiquette 101

amazing advice for sexworker who need HELP learning to create content

Since Passive income is SO important. Kylie shares some tips for those who need to learn to make their own content.

mindset on how to get paid is important

It even has advice for cam makeup and clothing choices! This thread is comprehensive

makeup tips that help when filming or camming

I am just giving you a SMALL sample of her tweets in this thread. Follow @dominakylie and go read ALL of it!

Since there are so many great tweets in this thread I could not possibly include every single one. Let me just say the posts contain gem after gem after gem of help for everything from beauty to social media etiquette to how to light your clips. Go see for yourself and check the thread out HERE. Did her tweets inspire or help you? Be sure to let her know and for crying out loud, FOLLOW HER TWITTER already!

Be sure to also check out her OnlyFans and DON’T MISS her iwantclips studio, found at

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