Facial Essence: SK-II VS Tatcha Review!

Which Facial Essence is Better, SKII’s or Tatcha’s?

Which facial essence is better between the beloved SKII or popular Tatcha brands? Two of the most respected and well loved facial essences are Tatcha’s the Essence Plumping Skin Softener and SK-II’s Facial Treatment Essence. These 2 essences are at the top of the game right now. Both have attained cult like status and come with huge fan bases. So this review covers which of these two pricey treatments is REALLY worth purchasing. Plus what are facial essences even are and how to use them. If you’re not familiar with the Facial Essence trend then read on, friend. I have the infos for you. This is the review that will solve the question of which essence to buy, SK-II or Tatcha.

SKII is the gold standard of J Beauty but is its essence better than tatcha's?
SKII is the gold standard of facial essences

SK-II and Tatcha have both attained cult like status in the skincare world but which facial essence is the better?

As the idea of the Korean 10-Step Skincare system has spread facial essences have begun to soar in popularity.. The 10-Step Skincare Regimen has become a beloved standard and Korean skincare is now accepted as THE cutting edge of beauty. Part of the 10 step regimen is the Facial Essence step . Essences are used AFTER cleansing, exfoliation and toning steps. However you apply an essence BEFORE your serum. Although SK-II and Tatcha are actually J-beauty brands, their products work well in your 10 Step skincare system.

Facial essences might look like water but they perform like well balanced skincare. Which is the better facial essence?
It might look like water, but Tatcha’s Facial Essence does so much more.

Facial Essences might look like water, but they have BENEFITS for your skin!

Although they sometimes look like water, a facial essence can make a BIG improvement in the look and feel of your skin. These can help prep your skin for your serum and lotion steps. Essences can help your moisturizers work better and brighten skin while diminishing pores. Some facial essences plump the look of skin, and YES, I can attest to this. They make my skin look more, well, ALIVE. So which facial essence should YOU try?

SK-II’s Facial Treatment Essence contains Pitera, a byproduct of fermentation that allegedly makes skin look more youthful and halts aging. The SKII story states it was discovered when someone noticed that the hands of those working in a sake brewery looked very young compared to their face. Therefore they isolated the age-defying compound, called Pitera. The substance is used in most of SK-II’s line and their Facial Treatment Essence is nearly 90% pitera. It has become the gold standard of Facial Essences and is copied by brand after brand.

SKII’s Galactomyces vs Tatcha’s Saccharomyces

SKII’s Pitera is comprised of Galactomyces Ferment Filtrete and is the brand’s SECRET to the anti-aging properties of their products. Tatcha’s The Essence Plumping Skin Softener has a similar compound called Saccharomyces. Tatcha’s magic formula promises similar results and is a fermentation by product as well.

SKII is pricey, but it is WORTH it?

Is SKII's Facial Essence worth the price? Is SKII's better than Tatcha's?
SKII’s essence is pricey, but is it worth it?

I have used BOTH Tatcha and SKII so let’s talk RESULTS. First think about the price. SK-II’s Facial Essence is known as the gold standard BUT costs nearly 2x as much as Tatcha’s The Essence. I used each on on its own for multiple weeks and I can say that BOTH did me some type of results. But which facial essence is better, Tatcha or SK-II?

One thing is for sure- SK-II’s Facial Treatment Essence made my skin look more EVEN. It truly seemed to even out the tone of my skin and lightly diminish my fine lines. However I do not think it helped as much with pore size as Tatcha’s did BUT the results seemed to last longer after I quit using it. I think it also helped fade some darker areas.

I used Tatcha and THESE were the results

Tatcha’s The Essence Plumping Skin Softener actually made my skin look sort of “plumped” and the look of my pore size seemed to shrink. It DID make my face seem hydrated and more youthful while shrinking visible pores. Those results are, to me, completely worth the price of that facial essnece. There was a little brightening as well but overall I think it just gave me a more youthful look AS LONG AS I WAS USING it. That part is important- I had to keep using it to get those killer results.

So Which Facial Essence Do I Recommend?

Tatcha's essence does give results but is it better than SKII's?
This essence DOES deliver results.

So which of these facial essences do I think is actually better? BOTH are good but it depends what your needs really are. Are you looking to have smaller pores with brighter, plumped looking skin? If so then go with the Tatcha. Are you looking to have your fine lines erased while fading dark spots? In that case I recommend going with the SK-II. Truly they are BOTH great facial essences. Something I do know after trying them is that I LOVE using a facial essence. They truly DO make a difference in the day to day look of my skin and gave me noticeable results.

VERDICT: TRY BOTH! Have you used either before? Have an opinion? Put it in the comments!

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