Fan CONTRACTS and Slave Applications: How To Make Yours and MAKE MONEY!

Fan contracts such as slave applications and debt contracts can make SERIOUS money. Find out HOW to make yours and WHY you should be jumping on the Sex Work FORM train. Get informed and GET PAID. And oh yeah, I have a FREE Debt Contract Template you can USE. Read on to get yours!

Contracts and Applications can make you serious bank. they are also a GREAT way to meet and screen new fans.

Contracts are a GREAT way to make money and sell content to your fans. They can help you meet and even screen meet new ones while as well. I am going to give you some straight talk about the how’s and why’s of contracts. And don’t forget to pick up your FREE DEBT CONTRACT Template while you’re here!

The most popular type of contract is the “call to serve” contract like the slave contract or application. These are a way for a fan (aka sub) to indicate their intention to serve you. way It is one of the BEST ways for you to find out their intentions and who they are. It can be a GREAT way to bring in NEW fans. This way you can bring in new ones with potential who might not have served or found you otherwise. Then you can see if YOU even have any interest.

There are LOTS of types of contracts and applications you can be making.

Keep in mind that there are a zillion other contracts you can be making. If you can think of a kinky subject, you can make a contract around it. I have made contracts and applications based around everything from blackmail to coerced intox and they have all sold well. They can LEAD to fans who serve you or pay you in multiple ways. They have been a GREAT way for Me to meet new subs. Some of them have gone on to serve me for years!

This is the NUMBER ONE thing to do when making fan contracts & slave applications

The NUMBER ONE thing you need to make sure you do is MONETIZE your contracts! It can be tempting to give out a FREE contract. Think about it-it is a way for a fan to express interest in serving and paying you. So you might think, hey why not give it for FREE to try and get more paying fans and subs.

There is a VERY GOOD REASON not to do this. Contracts basically function like a session for many of your fans. They jerk to simply filling them out and reading them. For many of them the intent to serve is NOT real! They are actually more interested in filling out a contract and jerking off to the IDEA of applying to be your slave. Often they get horny for the IDEA that you might own or use them. Then they end up getting off to filling out the contract. Then they are done with it.

You want to be served FINANCIALLY

And think about THIS: If you want them to serve you FINANCIALLY then they need to show THAT intent early on. So you need to make sure that fans always PAY to get access to your contracts or applications. If they are for real about paying you then they can do it UP FRONT. If they are not for real and just enjoy contracts then you should still make money from your efforts. A debt contract is the perfect example of something they should pay before they sign. It does not even have to be a HUGE amount. That part is up to YOU.

Debt Contract Reality Time!

Many who fill out the debt contracts only do it because it is a TURN ON. they have NO intentions of living up to it. It is more of a fun findom game to them. So you must get SOME money for the experience you are providing. However some fans and finsubs will be legit. This is GREAT! Either way though, you MUST get paid. If you would like a FREE example of a debt contract you can use as a sort of findom “game” then just CLICK HERE. Just remember for some fans/subs it will be REAL and for some just a GAME. This is not bad because BOTH are chances to make some money.

Debt Contracts can be lucrative for findommes


Now some of these fans might just go on to serve you. Not all will go on to serve and this is ok. Some are there purely for the fun and this is why you monetized your contract. This way your time will not get wasted no matter what. I like to think of them as a type of content that can help me find subs I want to play with. I make them to be CONTENT and  then go from there.

So what KINDS of things should you put in your contracts and applications?

Now as far as the CONTENT in your application it is a good idea to keep a balance. Try to balance things you WANT to know with things you think THEY want to fill out. This makes for a good experience for them. After all they might be paying PURELY for the experience of filling out the form.

For some of your fans the contract or application is a fun way to play and get off. They are paying for this experience. So you want to make sure you are PROVIDING a good experience if you are making contracts for play and fun. The better the experience the more you can charge. Now of course only you can determine what that is. But in my own experience it is better to think of the contract or application as a sort of “play session” and construct it with that goal in mind.

Here comes the good stuff! Keep reading…

how to make findomme debt contracts

Here is how to make Kinky Contracts and Slave Applications (and MORE) that your fans can actually FILL OUT online. NO downloads needed!

So HOW do you make a contract that your fans can actually fill out? You need to get involved with a form site. There are many formsites to choose from but I recommend Jotform or COGNITO FORMS. I use a paid account because I make LOTS of forms for playing with my subs but you can use them for FREE. PLEASE Be sure to sign up using my referral link! That way helping YOU helps ME!

The way formsites like Cognito or jotforms work is genius. They have a simple interface to build a form piece by piece. There is a learning curve but it is very simple and they have a whole knowledge base to help. After you finish building it, Cognito or jotforms will give you a LINK to your finished form. I make the fans pay to access that link. They can then follow the link and fill in the form. I get an email notice when they have finished.

You can even put them in your clip stores!

If I decide to put the contract in a clip store I make a video giving them that link in some way (usually entering it in their browser bar). BUt this method will not work for everyone. So I also tell them my email and inform them to write me if they need a clickable version of the form link. This covers all my bases as far as sending them out.

I sell them in PTV (pay to view) mails as well!

The form links from COGNITO and jotform also work well as PTV mails on niteflirt and iwantclips. This way when someone pays to get the mail you can simply send the form link to them in it. Then they can fill it out like a REAL contract. If you are not on iwantclips yet be sure to PLEASE sign up through my referral link! It helps ME when you do so that I can keep sharing all my insider experience and knowledge with you!

Slave contracts and applications can be a fantastic way to meet new subs and fans!

Now one IMPORTANT thing to keep in mind is that form sites are NOT made for adult content. Be careful using them! One of the biggest dangers is setting off their phishing filters. So be careful asking for information like passwords and logins. This will possibly get your account shut down. I have found they are a little more forgiving of adult content IF you have a paid account but always be careful with what you post over time.

Did I mention it is FREE to use the form sites? Uh, yeah! However you get WAY more forms and options with a paid account. I have found that simply paying for the upgraded version pays off MASSIVELY. The paid upgrades let you have MORE forms as well. Trust me, once you start making them you will have idea after idea for more. So just go ahead and make a paid account on COGNITO or jotform.

CONTENT like this can mean BIG money!

Contracts and applications can be BIG money. You can also use formsites for things like quizzes for your own info gathering or as a paid thing revolving around a certain kink. Let me tell you, I do this ALL the time. You can basically post these anywhere you make money, even clipsites if you are smart about it. PRO TIP: I use these forms to make SO MUCH CONTENT! Making things like surveys and quizzes can get you PAID! I told you this was killer info!

One of the MOST popular is the debt contract. You can go copy any free legal debt contract template available online. Then simply repurpose it to YOUR uses. Google is your FRIEND when looking for things like this. However, they tend to be less about findom and more about banking. I like MINE to be more of a boner popper! LOL.

if you subscribe to FINDOM LIFESTYLES emails, you can just use MINE!. That’s right, a 30 day debt contract for findom play, free for you to use and rewrite any way you want. It is one specifically made for findom and finsub play versus an actual legal channel that you would need to have notorized. Simply subscribe HERE. Remember that most debt contracts are not legally binding. To make it am actual legal contract would require very specific writing and terms and also requires notarization. I like MINE to be made for findom fun and tributes! It is UP TO YOU of course! Just remember to make them PAY to access it!

and HEY did you read to the end of this article? COOL. Thanks! HERE IS A LINK DIRECTLY TO A DEBT CONTRACT TEMPLATE. Make sure you fill it out with YOUR own terms!

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