Findom Advice: How to Make MORE Money!

How to get MORE money and tributes! This is advice worth following if you are a new findom

You really want to make more money and get bigger (or ANY) tributes as a new findom and it has JUST not been as easy as you expected. So here is one small tip that CAN change things for you. You came to findom looking for FIN-dom, not a whole bunch of other kinky stuff that is NOT part of your thing, right? Or maybe you are into the whole FEMDOM thing and can understand why everyone is into all these other kinks but they just do not seem like something you would ever want to try. Maybe you even LIKE a few of those kinks but are in findom for the tributes and the glory and do not want to get dragged into femdom full stop. Well that is a pretty common way of thinking when a domme first gets into findom. But if you are in the scene long enough and are an observant person you will notice all the dommes around you slowly getting into all that other stuff. It is EVOLUTION.

It is par for the course in almost EVERYTHING that the longer you stick with it, the greater your pool of interests within that something will become. In other words, you EVOLVE and GROW to be more than when you started. It is all part of becoming a better version of yourself. You already know that growing and expanding your mind is a good thing or you would have probably not tried FINDOM in the first place, am I right? But at the same time it is very possible all this other kinky shit is fucking weird or gross to you.

REALITY CHECK TIME. IN the course of your findom career you will be exposed to many sides of what happens in the domming world. And it is VERY VERY rare that any of the subs who pay you are ONLY interested in findom. Most likely every finsub or pay boy you deal with is going to be interested in being CONTROLLED or DOMINATED by females (ie, femdom). For a good percentage of those subs they were probably interested in BDSM or femdom PRIOR to findom and came into findom later. For many dommes it is usually the other way around-they were interested in findom and later on spread their wings into other femdom kinks.

Now there are a LOT of good reasons to explore or get involved in all those other kinks. YES, even if you are REALLY mainly into findom and want to stick with THAT, there are some good reasons to consider exploring the other stuff like chastity, body worship, humiliation, bondage and so much more. If you want to be really well rounded as a domme you will need some insights into other areas of femdom. But not only THAT, an understanding of some other femdom kinks can help you get a better GRIP on the mindset and STYLE needed to be a good domme.

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