Get 7 Full Sized TARTE products for only $63 in the Tarte Custom Kit Sale!

Wednesday June the 4th is TARTE CUSTOM KIT sale day! This sale is ONLY for 24 hours and starts at 7am but is SO GOOD you do not want to miss it!

7 full sized products for only $63!

Think about it…their famous Shape Tape Concealer is $27 dollars on its own and their beloved Maracuja Oil normally costs $48 for the full sized bottle. But on custom kit day you get to choose SEVEN of their kickass products for only $63 bucks.

The tarte cosmetics custom kit sale starts at 7am and last for 24 hours
This sale lasts one day only and starts at 7am so DON’T MISS IT!

I suggest logging on to their website-and YES you must purchase online to get the deal- EARLY to make sure the products YOU want are in stock and the colors you prefer are still available.

Shape Tape is one of the highest rated concealers available and has attained cult like status
Shape Tape is known for being one of the best concealers available. Period.

The Tarte Custom Kit sale is not only your chance to stock up on NEW products, it is your chance to try NEW things you wouldn’t normally purchase at full price.

This sale is your chance to stock up on Shape Tape and other favorites.

This is a great time to try tarte's amazonian clay line
Tarte’s Amazonian Clay line has a loyal following and is great for oily skin types.

Matter of fact, go ahead and hit up tonight and choose what you want ahead of time so you know what you will get in the morning.

Enjoy and let me know which things you purchased from the #tartecustomkit sale.