If you have cystic acne then I KNOW you want to cure it or get rid of cystic acne for good. Or at least stop it from occurring so frequently. I DID IT. That’s right, after YEARS of dealing with painful, embarrassing cystic acne and the scars it leaves, I managed to get rid of it once and for all. Read on to find out EXACTLY how I took control of this skin menace. Time to get rid of cystic acne for good. Read on.

Cystic acne can make you want to hide. Find out how to get rid of it for good.
Cystic acne can make you want to hide under the covers all day…

Do you have acne? I assume you do or you wouldn’t be reading this. You might have it but are not sure if it is the cytsic variety. Because it can be so confusing I am first going to fill you in on exactly WHAT cystic acne IS.

What is cystic acne anyway?

Most of us know acne when we see it. Painful inflamed red bumps that often come to a white head and are sometimes accompanied by blackheads and oily skin. The sometimes leave behind scars that look like “pits” in the skin. Well cystic acne is a whole other thing. It is DEPP IN the skin, a large lump buried under many layers of skin. Unlike the non-cystic type it usually does not come to a white head and is harder to drain. It forms a deep LUMP that is very painful and can distend the skin. And it too leaves behind scars, but they often tend to leave a brown of red flat circle with a small lump underneath. Whatever you do, DON’T PICK AT IT! This can make things way worse.

The cysts don’t usually drain on their own but can often become infected underneath the skin. They are buried DEEP and have a massive amount of acne “goo” lodged in them (you know what I’m talking about lol). The stuff in the cyst is usually oil and sometimes bacteria making up that massive lump. I have had cysts that made the entire side of my face swell up. This is some painful and embarrassing stuff to deal with.

Hormonal imbalances play a role in cystic acne too

Cystic acne is often instigated by hormonal imbalances too, so that is something that will come into play in the remedy I am going to share with you in this article.

Cystic acne is REALLY hard to get rid of. When I was in my teens I went to a dermatologist about it. A derm can inject cortisone in an active cyst but what are the chances I always have one at the same time I get my appointment? They can also prescribe accutane but it can not only be expensive but has a whole host of side effects to consider. What was my derm’s solution. ANTIBIOTICS. Daily antibiotics, for the rest of my life I guess. I took them for a while and sure they mostly worked, but you KNOW that is terrible for you. Antibiotics should always be a last resort saved for more severe issues. So that didn’t last for too long.

Many Cystic acne products just don’t work

If you search up cystic acne you will see product after product touting how they can take it away. I have TRIED them and the reality is…they just don’t work as a sole solution. BUT I found things that DO. They are a group of changes PLUS a secret weapon. So here we go on the things TO DO to rid yourself of cystic acne.

Washing your face correctly is part of getting rid of cystic acne for good.
wash your face!!!! do not skip washings!

The VERY first thing is WASHING your face with structured frequency. I know, I know you ALREADY wash your face. But I mean to take it seriously in a new way. You have to make sure to exfoliate your face. It is recommended to wash with a not too soft washcloth. I like them a little rough-it provides physical exfoliation. Wash your face EVERY TIME you workout or sweat. This helps turn over cells on the upper layer of your skin and keeps sebum from building up.

Good cleansers matter

I recommend also using a acid-based cleanser when you wash such as Mario Badescu Glycolic Foaming Cleanser. This also helps with cell turnover. If you have sensitive skin then use the acidic cleansers every other time or every 3rd or 4th wash. A combination of chemical and physical exfoliation paired with strict washing habits will keep dead skin from building up and keep sebum at bay. Now keep in mind you also CANNOT sleep in makeup. You already know this but I am here to remind you.

So let me be straight up, no topical creams are going to solve this for you. However, there are a couple of things I recommend as PART of a solution system. I have found that creams containing tea tree oil such as Keeva brand have an astringent property and can sometimes speed healing along. So I always keep some on hand in the event I feel that tell-tale tingle of an approaching acne cyst. Benzoyl peroxide creams like Clearasil can sometimes help kill the cyst. Usually the cyst is too DEEP under the skin for creams to get rid of cystic acne. I keep those two on hand anyways as part of the system.

You need these vitamins daily

Also make certain you are getting enough magnesium and zinc in your diet. I take them daily and they have a whole host of useful applications. I also make sure to take ALL of the B vitamins daily. You need to have these in your diet for nice skin, period. They are not the main factor that will “cure” your cystic acne but they are part of the overall prescription for change. Keep reading to find out the things I DO that DID change things.

I hate to tell you this, but you are going to have to limit some foods

Okay the NEXT thing you have to do is limit certain foods. I KNOW you do not want to hear this but you gotta trust me on this one. Dairy, Gluten and Sugar are the biggest culprits in setting you up for all kinds of physical ways. They tend to produce inflammatory reactions in most people and can disrupt all kinds of healthy processes going on in your body. Sugar is CRAZY addictive and eating too much can lead to hormonal imbalances. Hold on to that notion because hormone imbalance is a MAJOR player in the cystic acne issue. I do realize that it is nearly impossible to cut out those 3 things entirely. Not to mention that ALL the most loved foods have some of those in them. But you have to at least cut back on them. Your body will thank you in multiple ways.

Speaking of hormone imbalances, the typical western diet is WAY to high in things like xenoestrogens. These are sources of the estrogen hormone that are sneaky and insidious. Dairy is a major culprit that introduces them into your diet without you knowing it. Even things like plastic water bottles release estrogenic chemicals. These chemicals are in so much stuff we use that I cannot even begin to list them. The point is that cystic acne is frequently caused by fluctuations and imbalances in hormones.

This is the KEY to getting rid of my cystic acne

Get ready for the SECRET.  Now you already know you will have to make some diet concessions and get serious about your face washing habits. You HAVE to do both of those things but they pay off in OTHER ways such as refreshed looking skin and possible weight loss. They PAY OFF no matter what. But in addition to those things I started doing something that CHANGED everything. Now I cannot do without it.

I now take 2 supplements daily. Since I started taking them I have not had ONE cystic acne breakout, NOT ONE. These are NOT the vitamins I mentioned before. This is something else I stumbled across after hours of research. I was doing all the things I talked about above and having moderate success in diminishing my cystic acne. But once I added in these EVERYTHING changed and it was like I no longer had cystic acne. I still have not had any cystic acne SINCE starting these.

These supplements changed my acne problem for good

The supplements are called Indole-3-Carbinol and DIM aka diindolylmethane. Indole-3- Carbinol (aka I3C) is a sulfuric compound found in cruciferous veggies. In the stomach it converts to DIM plus other substances. Basically I3C supports detoxification efforts. Even though I3C partially converts to DIM, I take BOTH supplements. This is because DIM is really important. It helps balance estrogen levels and supports estrogen metabolism. Don’t forget that cystic acne often is the result of hormone imbalance. We are getting bombarded by estrogen and estrogen like chemicals from all KINDs of places. So the DIM is crucial. Really they BOTH are. I take 200mg of I3C and 200mg of DIM twice daily with meals. Sometimes I will only take it once a day depending on my meal schedule.

I have to tell you that ever since I began taking them I have had NO cystic acne. I’ve not had ONE cyst since taking those and changing the other factors. The DIM and I3C are the most important elements but it takes doing all the things I mentioned above.

Do YOU have cystic acne? TRY these suggestions and GET THOSE LAST 2 THINGS I mentioned right away. I want to know if they work for YOU as well as they did for ME. I’ve not had ONE cystic acne breakout since implementing everything I mentioned. Let’s hear YOUR story! Leave it in the comments.