Get your SELF CARE with these amazing HERBAL BATHS!

self care is self love. here is how to use plants for a soothing all natural bath soak

Self care is SO important when you work in an industry that revolves around the needs of others. Here is another deep dose of natural selfcare from FD Lifestyle contributor Femdom Witchery. This article and its accompanying pics come courtesy of @FWitchery.

 Herbal Baths

We all know how much good a tub soak can do for us. Well think about how much better they could be with some amazing herbal ingredients! Today I am going to share 3 recipes to up your self care bath time! Feel free to make your own recipes or modify any ingredients as long as you know they are safe.

*All photos are taken by me*

All you need to know to make your own relaxing, all natural herbal bath soak

  1. Citrus Bath

First you will need to scrub and cut up some fresh oranges or grapefruits into slices.

Also chop some fresh basil if you have it, about a quarter cup.

While your bath water is running add at least a cup of epsom salt.

Also a few drops of orange or tangerine and basil essential oil.

*Less is always more with essential oils*

Now’s the time to light any candles or incense you may want for your bath 🙂

Try to keep with the citrus theme, though vanilla incense does pair particularly well.

Once your water is almost done running add your chopped basil & sliced oranges to the bath water and give a good stir.

I also add a cup hydrogen peroxide at the very end of my baths.

It’s like taking an oxygen supplement through your skin.

I find this bath to be particularly lifting and energizing 🙂

Why BUY salts for a soak when you can make your own?

2. Herbal Bath Salts

*Only use organic dried herbs, crush or grind herbs before adding to the salt.*

*6 cups of epsom salt

*1 ½  cup of dried lavender

*⅛ up of dried sage

*½ cup of chamomile

*½ cup of dried rose petals

I also recommend adding magnesium powder. Magnesium is a really big natural stress/anxiety reliever and it is very easily absorbed topically. 1 capsule per serving is best, I use 1-2 cups of the mixture of this recipe per bath so 4 capsules crushed.

Magnesium is pretty safe but please do your own research as well.

Mix well!

Pair with relaxing aromas & music this bath salt is sure to help you unwind.

Here is a clever way to keep the herbs in the water and NOT in your hair

3. Herbal Bath Bags

You will need a clean/washed muslim or hemp bag that can fit a couple cups in it.

This recipe is like making bath tea for your skin and hair.

I DON’T want to spend my time trying to get pieces of plants out of my tub so I came up with these over sized “tea bags” for herbal baths.

  1. Cup of dried lavender
  2. ½ cup of dried roses
  3. ¼  cup of lemon balm
  4. ¼ cup of catnip
  5. 4 green tea tea bag contents

Then you just tie them up real tight and put in your bath water as you are filling the tub.

It is usually necessary to squeeze it periodically as the tub fills.

Leave it in your tub til you are done, dump the ingredients into your garden or trash and wash the bag for reuse.

If you make a double batch store extra bags in a ziplock for freshness.

Hope you enjoy adding these herbal bath ideas to your selfcare bath time!

All text and pics property of @FWitchery.

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