HOW MUCH Should I CHARGE? Part 1: PSO Phone Lines

how much should I charge for phone sex

This article is the first in a series about how much to charge as a self’employed sex worker. You are your own brand! Get your head right! Read on:

“How much do I charge” is the worried call of any new sex worker. On one hand, they do not want to charge too little and screw themselves. How would this screw them? Well for sure by not getting the full amount of money they COULD have made. On the other hand they do not want to charge more than the supposed market will support. Doing that could also screw themselves out of money if the client/sub/buyer will not pay that amount. This is something pretty much ALL sex workers struggle with, especially at the beginning of their stay in SW-land. So what is the REAL story on how much to charge? Here it comes, essdubs. 

Is there a “market price” for phone sex lines?

Ok so first let’s break down all the CONFUSION as to how much to charge and who is applies to and why. There is technically a typical market price that is the “norm” when it comes to certain TYPES of sex work. A great example is phone work (phone sex) where the PSO determines their OWN price (think self-employed phone sex operators such as you would find on Niteflirt). When you have a site such as NIteflirt where a large number of PSO’s are working, there tends to be an average range of prices to which it’s easy to conform. If you go look right now you will see that MOST lines seem to be charging 1.99. Some will charge .99 cents. Some charge much much more, especially for financial domination lines.

But you will notice that MOST of the lines tend to stick around the 1.99 mark with some subtle variations here and there. The reasoning is that if a PSO is unknown to a potential caller, then price could be the discerning factor. The PSO does not want to charge so much more than her peers that she ends up damning her own business, ESPECIALLY when it comes to new callers. Regulars who just LOVE a particular PSO might be willing to pay more for their line, BUT a new caller is more likely to pay what the discernable average seems to be cross-site.

Financial Domination phone lines are normally set to a higher price

So WHY do some PSO’s charge a lot more for their lines and STILL get lots of calls? Well it could be because their line is a specialty line such as financial domination OR one that includes camming. AND YES, you can set a nitefirt line to charge for camming alongside your call. Simply leave the phone call going as you cam. Just make sure that the line is still going and the caller didn’t hang up when you were not paying attention (scammers abound in hustle-land). 

there are scammers around every corner, beware of them with cam lines!

ANOTHER reason a PSO might set their rates higher is because they are a KNOWN BRAND. When you work in modern day sex work it is smart to think of YOURSELF as a brand. Think of yourself like a celebrity or a pop star-they are each their own brand and commodity whose time and talents are worth something. Their public presence is worth something. They are people who can charge for being shown using products or attending some function.

how to be your own brand is part of the learning that comes with sex work! Fid tips for ALL types of sex work here at Findom Lifestyle mag
You are your own BRAND in sex work! Build yourself accordingly!

Well, you might not be at THAT level yet, but you have to try and think of it as if THAT is what you are building. You are your own brand, period. Be proud of your brand and treat it like gold. Treat it as if you were an employee being PAID to make that brand look good. And after all, you ARE. If you get your brand looking good, moving forward and more then it will grow. As you become more well known you can begin to charge more. Premium names get premium pay. True in the celeb world as well as the world of sex work. As you grow and learn to tweak your routine, you will just command higher and higher prices. This is true in ALL industries where the PERSON is the business!

you ARE your own brand!

Take all of this into consideration when setting your prices as a phone sex operator who works for themself. If you work for a PS company they will simply assign you a “character” and you remain an unknown. Being somewhere like NiteFlirt or iwantphone lets YOU grow your own brand and make money just for YOU, using all of your sexy people skills.

Did this help you set your price? Did this get you thinking about HOW to scale your brand? GOOD! Be sure to read the NEXT piece in the “How much do I charge” series here on Findom Lifestyle, THE online mag ust for the sex work crowd.