How to CONTROL Men and Get Them to Give You ANYTHING You Want: Part 1

How can you get men to give you anything you want? How can a findom get tributes and get into a guy’s MIND and control him?

The age old question is HOW can I control a man and get him to give me money or anything else I want and as a findom this is doubly important-you are after all working this guy’s mind and trying to get into his head and get tributes, cash app money, gifts and more. This is the first article in a series about MIND CONTROL over men. If you want to be able to ask a man for money and actually RECEIVE it then this post is for you. If you are new to the game of domming male subs then THIS is valuable information and a TOOL for success. Read on:

One thing pretty much all subs will have in common is that they are searching for a feeling of BEING CONTROLLED by you. When you take the time to experience and learn about OTHER MEANS of control it gives you the chance to leverage more power over your subs. You will find out how to better engage their minds.

THE BIGGEST REASON OF ALL THOUGH? These guys-well all guys really, but especially in this scene that is so erotically charged-think with their dicks. Their dicks get hard at the idea of all their favorite kinks and most of your subs will have serious interest in other femdom kinks besides financial domination. When you have insight into the things that make their dicks hard you can control them. And by “them” I mean BOTH the sub and his dick. When you control his dick you are in POWER. Having that control over what makes him tick and inspires his boner EMPOWERS you as the Domme. It gives you an advantage because the sub then becomes “weak” for you. THAT is what leads to you being able to ask for TRIBUTES and actually RECEIVE them. The goal is to control him and unlock the door to getting what you want from him and his boner weaknesses are the KEY to opening that door at your whim. Men’s MINDS revolve around their kinks and turn-ons. This is just a biological thing, not a bad thing. And sure, not all of your subs will be men but I bet 98% of them will be or identify as such.

Is USING his weakness for certain kinks fair play? YES. Is it somehow taking advantage of him? NO. Matter of fact it is the exact situation he is DREAMING of and likely WHY he got involved in findom in the first place. The fact a woman he admires or lusts after or follows knows HOW to use his own kinky needs against him and control him is what he DESIRES. When you harness that very aspect is when you get PAID.

And besides the boner factor I just mentioned, you KNOW you want to be a better domme overall. You KNOW you want to have a better understanding of the psychology involved. And let’s face it, the more areas YOU expand into equates DIRECTLY to new subs finding interest in you. If your ONLY femdom area of interest is findom it can LIMIT who wants to pay you. If you add in foot worship (for example) then you get the attention of even more subs now because you are using a “co-fetish” as a way to entice. YOU have beautiful feet and he worships this fact and it leads to tributes and so on. See what I mean? You open the door to NEW subs and horned up kinky men finding out who you are. This pays. LITERALLY!

Knowing the things that turn him on can be the difference between tributes and timewasting. YOU are in control of HIM. YOU call the shots. YOU use his mindset to your advantage. YOU dominate him in an erotically charged dynamic and he CRAVES more. There is a lot of mental gaming involved in the true ART of findom and all the best findoms know this and work it. And when you think about it, a large part of what you DO as a findom occurs online. The online world is PURE mental real estate. There is no tangible realm until things go offline. When you are online you must operate purely in headspace so knowing your way around the MIND is everything. This all makes complete sense when you think about it. And by the way, the things I mentioned as to WHY you should explore HIS kinks are not even close to being the ONLY reasons why you should do it. Those are just the ones I mentioned TODAY. Findom gets deep and can be everything from a light hobby to a serious 24/7 lifestyle. Get ready for the fun and to rock it.

Welcome to findom.

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