How to play RETWEET GAMES-Best Tips for FUN and MONEY

So you’ve seen other findoms and SW’s playing RETWEET GAMES on twitter and want to try your hand at it! But HOW do you play a retweet game? All you need is a twitter account, a willing sub and some common sense rules to guide you. But you probably already knew that part, right? Keep reading to find out how to play and more!

How do you play a Retweet Game on Twitter?

the number one tip for retweetgamesis be sure to get a deposit!

You have a sub approach you asking to do a RT game with you. So what’s your next move. BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE get a deposit. This is the only way you can assure you make some money from the game at all. Think about it. You could have hours after hours of game, watching your money climb, only to find out that he doesn’t pay up afterwards. Welcome to the world of dealing with people online. Some offers will be from fakes. However If he has any intention of paying you at all then a deposit will not be a problem.

There are two ways to look at the deposit. One is that it counts towards the grand total of what you meade form the game. Meaning if the game was to net you $225, then the deposit would be subtracted from that. Another is to take a RT game FEE. It is a fee that you get no matter how much the game ends up earning. It does not count towards the final stakes. They are both pretty similar but doing one of them IS necessary so you don’t get screwed after the game ends.

How much should a RT Game deposit be?

Curious how much to charge for the deposit? The rule of thumb is enough to make it worth your while. It is customary to keep in contact with the sub during the course of the game. This could mean full-on conversation or just regular check-ins but either way you invest a little of your time into the sub during the course of the game. This teases them, keeps their attention and makes sure they come back again.

Consider how much your TIME is worth

So how MUCH is THAT worth to you at a minimum? Because if he doesn’t pay up then that is all you will get of course. So make THAT worth your time and effort. If he requests a “high stakes” RT game then charge a higher amount. He is trying to say he has a lot of money to potentially spend so he in theory can affords a bigger deposit. If you are dealing with a fan you trust then you can choose to cut them some leeway on the deposit but use common sense so you do not get screwed. Making money online requires a little street smarts.

Deposit is the number one thing to secure in a RT game

So let’s say you get your deposit, what is next? Time to set the TERMS of the game. This is something you and the sub or fan likely need to do together. He may have a budget to work within or only so much time to play (as may you). You will need to decide a length of time for the game, the amount he will pay for each retweet, each like, and each comment.

Sometimes terms might be to NOT charge for one of those 3 or to might put a “cap” on the amounts being earned. For example, the cap might be that each person only gets 2 comments on the game. Or the cap might be that the fan can only pay for up to X amount of RT’s total to work within a set budget. Whatever terms you pick will need to be stated in the original tweet of the game itself. You may also want to tag the sub who is playing as well as some RT promo accounts. This can help to get the ball rolling.

An important retweet game tip of the trade is to set TERM for your game

You can also have other types of terms besides just money consequences

There are also times you might set a FLAT fee on the game itself and make the game terms about some kind of fetish consequences. For example. The fan pays you $100 up front as THE total pay for the game. Then instead of each RT making YOU money, each RT is another day in chastity for HIM or another day of worship and so on. You decide this together of course. That can be a fun and somewhat random way to play with your fans. They get excited over seeing the numbers rising and rising. Take the time during the game to TEASE your sub out of MORE money. That can be a great method if it benefits you and you enjoy it. Many will respond well to this way of play.

Retweet games can be a fun way to spend time with fans

It is also very common to do things in your private DM’s that cannot be seen. For example, for every 100 dollars you win then you send another pic of your feet and so on. There are many ways to raise the stakes and make it worth BOTH of your whiles. Another popular RT game add-on is to use PICS. These can be pictures of either the fan or you. Use them as part of the images attached to the original game tweet.

This can be a fun way to tease your subs or play an exposure game of sorts. You can even add consequences! Try ones such as “once the game hits 50 RTs you will show a pic of your fan dressed as a sissy” OR you will post that pic and it will not be removed until you have 25 RTs and so on. The possibilities are endless. However make certain BOTH of you agree to the terms before the game starts to make things go smooth so you can get PAID.

Ask your friends for help!

So we have talked about deposits, setting terms of the game, caps, limits, add-ons and more. The most important thing is that deposit but here is one last tip: DON”T BE AFRAID TO ASK FRIENDS TO RETWEET YOUR GAME! Most will be happy to help you get paid if all it takes is one like click of the button.

Do you have a great RT game story or something to add to this article? Do you know a great strategy for others to benefit from? Tell it in the comments!

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