Is This the Best FREE OnlyFans Guide Ever? YES.

the best free onlyfans guide ever

OnlyFans maven Katie Monroe may have just created THE BEST onlyfans guide ever and oh yeah, it’s FREE. That’s right! Sexworkers who need to learn some of the ins and outs of OnlyFans usage and promotion are about to get a whole fucking DEGREE from the @Katie_Monroex University of Onlyfans (not a real thing but after you read her guide it will feel like it!).

There is PLENTY of info circling the net right now about how to use Onlyfans. There are even sex worker authored guides and sites to help you navigate the big and growing world of OF. Hell even THIS SITE has tips for using OnlyFans. So it is NOT unusual to find tips and tricks for using OF. However, many of those tips guides COST to see. Most of the really good info isn’t free.

a sex worker help other sex workers understand using onlyfans
Finally a DEEP understanding of how to promote your onlyfans

Finally, an OnlyFans guide with DEEP information on using the site

But what if one of the DEEPEST, BEST guides for using OnlyFans was FREE? Well it IS, thanks to Katie Monroe. Simply follow her on twitter and ask nicely in DM’s (see tweet embedded below) for a copy of the PDF:

So what kinds of tips are IN the OnlyFans guide?

So what kind of things are IN this amazing, FREE guide? Where do I even START? Here is a short list of SOME of the many things you will find there:

  • How to’s on using the site and setting up your account (including the privacy settings)
  • How to use the PPV feature
  • posting and making content
  • twitter tips and tricks for promo
  • how to maximize Snapchat, Instagram and Telegram for promoting and furthering your OnlyFans income
  • Reddit HELP! (This one is BIG ya’ll and full of info you CANNOT find anywhere else)
  • Onlyfans Terminology: thats right, a whole damn glossary type feature including the current list of banned words
  • starter ideas for items to buy to help your OF venture
  • Links to mental health support
  • and so much more.
Sexworkers helping other sexworkers…we are good like that

The list above is just the tip of the iceberg Katie Monroe provides in her FREE (cannot stress this enough) guide. I have read many other tips and tricks written by fellow sex workers. However the info in Katie’s guide is NOT available in those other places (not even THIS site lol).

I still can’t believe this is FREE…

Not to mention I have also PURCHASED plenty of info packets from fellow sexworkers offring advice. NONE of the stuff I paid for even comes CLOSE to Katie Monroe’s guide. NOT. EVEN. CLOSE.

a free guide to making maximum income using onlyfans
a FREE guide for making extra income using onlyfans? count me in!

Realistically Katie could have charged a LOT for this one. The info is thorough and DEEP. This is not some one page sheet of info. this is page after page of well thought out ADVICE and How To. There is NOTHING ELSE like this out there. And if there is? IT AIN’T FREE. Katie Monroe did this out of LOVE and RESPECT for the community. Take her up on this offer and while you’re at it? Subscribe to her Onlyfans, @katiemonroex. TIP HER! And be sure to FOLLOW HER ON TWITTER before you ask for the wonderful and FREE guide!

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