ManyVids FINALLY Lowers Their Payout Minimum!

manyvids minimum payout is finally lowered

ManyVids, the platform of choice for many cammers and adult content providers, has FINALLY lowered their minimum payout. This is BIG NEWS for many using their site as a way to sell videos and cam.

New Payout for Manyvids is now $50. This will apply to many of those who use their site for income. The previous ManyVids payout was $100. This $100 minimum was crippling to many smaller selling studios and artists using the MV platform.

ManyVids is known for vanilla porn but is slowly making headway in the fetish market too

Manyvids studios and sellers who offer mainstream or “vanilla” porn seem to make more money than those selling fetish or alt type content. This is because Manyvids has always been seen as a camsite and vanilla content distribution site for independent artists. However, MV is starting to court more fetish material and content producers. Slowly but surely Manyvids is carving out their piece of the fetish and femdom niche market.

Many artists on MV have felt that end of the month crunch. They were SO CLOSE to making payout but had to wait another month or pay period to receive it. This happened simply because they could not hit that hundred dollar mark. This new $50 minimum changes EVERYTHING for many smaller studios. It assists artists who rely on money from multiple sources to survive.

This new minimum will help many Sex Workers who rely on multiple income sources

The new minimum is going to help a LOT of sex workers who need that money to live, no matter the amount. This is a great move on the part of Manyvids. I’ve personally known many clip artists who want to use MV more but found the minimum payout to be daunting.

So many social media posts can be found with artists asking for buys to help them make an end of the month payout. This new $50 minimum is going to be a massive help to many who are struggling. As well as assist those who JUST WANT THEIR MONEY FASTER. This is a good thing!

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