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Do YOU have questions about FINDOM or SEX WORK or FEMDOM or our lifestyle in the erotic industries? NOW is the time to ask!

Findom Lifestyle is bringing a series of YouTube vids and articles to YOU in order to answer all your burning questions about the “What It Is That we Do.” You know you have all kinds of questions about best methods for making money, how to talk to the slaves and more. This series is YOUR chance to ask any nosy questions you want! Does not matter how deep or how shallow, as long as they are sincere you have a very good chance of getting answered.

Do YOU have questions about Findom and the Sex Worker lifestyle? Now is your chance to ask!

First up is this video by Findom Lifestyle‘s own Mixtrix. She put out the AMA call on twitter and was immediately met with questions and DM’s about HOW she met her live in financial slave and about their dynamic. The video is embedded below for your viewing pleasure and on YouTube in case that is how YOU get down.

Did this video answer your nosy questions about the live-in slave dynamic? Need to know MORE on this subject? JUST ASK! This is what the Ask Me Anything series is all about! Remember, ask anything about Findom, Femdom, Sex Work, Advice, Mixtrix and MORE! And coming soon even more members of the scene answering YOUR nosy questions! Keep reading Findom Lifestyle and checking out The FL YouTube Channel for MORE AMA fun!

HOW to get your question answered? Be sure to reply in the comment section for this article. OR simply message @LifestyleFindom, the official twitter account for Findom Lifestyle Mag. Have things you want Mixtrix herself to cover? Tweet her or shoot her a DM! There are many ways to get your question out there for this series! Participate and be part of the community. It is YOUR community too!