New to OnlyFans? TWO Basic Ways to MAKE MONEY as an OnlyFans CReator

basic money making strategy tips for new onlyfans creators

If you have not heard of OnlyFans yet then where the fuck have you been?Even Beyonce is talking about this shit. And if you know what OnlyFans IS but have not MADE one yet, then you are missing out on serious money potential. But let’s say you HAVE made one. Maybe you have posted a few things but still aren’t sure of the basic ways to make money besides subscriptions, well that is what we are going to discuss today. Consider this our first post from our own lil OnlyFans University.

Now first things first, what IS OnlyFans really? OnlyFans is a site with a paywall for your private content. What type of content? Whatever you WANT it to be, but in OUR case, some ADULT. There are of course those who teach language or other skills on OF, but it is a site MADE FAMOUS by sex workers. And when it comes down to it, WE are the ones making that site go round.

Frequent Posts mean MORE subscribers. More subscribers means more base income

You post frequently (the more the better) in hopes of getting subscribers. BUt the money you make BESIDES subscriptions are where the bag is at. Now this is where the learning comes in, friends. Hustling Tips and sending out PPV’s are your next step. Most of the successful accounts on OF make most of their money thru ONE of those two methods, PPV’s or tips. This is a CONTENT based platform, so something you need to be aware of is quality of post. The better and more frequent your posts are, the more likely you are to start generating money from PPV’s and tips.

What is a PPV (or PTV as some ppl call them)? Pay Per view posts, which are posts the fan PAYS to be able to view. That’s right. You can put individual messages or content behind yet another paywall! This can be a way to take your VERY BEST posts and monetize them further. Now keep in mind that the person who is paying to see this message ALREADY pays just to subscribe to your ONlyFans.

Pay Per View Messages can be a Great Way to make MORE money on OnlyFans

A person who subscribes to your OF expects to see great content already because they PAY to subscribe. So one of the ways OF Creators maximize use of the PPV feature (content they must pay further to view) is by keeping the price of subscription low. The theory is that you will sell MORE PPV’s because the subscriber didn’t pay very much to see the basic posts you put out. So they are more likely to spend a little extra for REALLY GOOD posts. You can send them out en masse to all of your subscribers and hope SOME buy it. Then again, they expect regular posts that are great ANYWAYS. the online adult content market and the OF site itself are oversaturated.

The OnlyFans logo is becoming one of THE most widely recognized adult logos!

So if you make a LOT of content then PPV’s are an excellent way to make more money from your OF. Your regular subscribers will be happy because they GET something for their money. This gets your more casual subscribers, too. However the REAL fans will buy the extra stuff. BUT if you don’t post much anyways, your subscribers might resent having to always pay extra for PPV content when they hoped for content with a basic subscription. Don’t forget, they came to see YOU, doing what YOU do. Give it to them.

This leads me to my next way to make money besides OF: TIPS. Now let’s not forget really good content can generate TIPS from your biggest fans and even casual ones who just get really “inspired” by what you do. If you hope to depend on the LUCK of tips versus the straight up pay of PPV then you have to make GREAT content that really revs engines (enjoy THAT corny fucking phrase).

Great posts can bring in tips from real fans

Realistically though you might be on your way to building a much bigger brand than you realized, so now as you lay that foundation is the time to GO HARD. You might not want to try the tip way, it might seem like “luck” to hope you will get tips when you could just sell your best stuff as PPV’s. There are a whole faction of fans who do NOT have interest in PPV type content but when they see something they like in your feed, they will tip to see MORE of it. This is more common than you think.

NOw for those who are into the TIP concept, don’t forget you can LIVESTREAM on Onlyfans too. this is like having your own cam room but BETTER! Why? Because you have already weeded out those who won’t pay you at all! Remember, OF is your PAYWALL. Your fans had to pay a cover charge just to get in! This means the chances of getting tips while on cam is much much better than you would think. These are people ALREADY willing to drop at least a little something to see you, so MILK it. Live cam means live interactions and tips sometimes go thru the roof when you recognize the people on the other end of the screen. Because of this interaction factor it might be good to just let them tip you versus trying to get PPV money from them.

OnlyFans is a GREAT place to monetize your adult content behind a paywall.

Personally I prefer a hybrid approach. I am not the biggest OnlyFans account out there (YET) but I still think for my own fans the tip method is better. Occasionally though I will post a PPV in CONVERSATIONS with fans in DM’s. I do it when I KNOW this one person wants to pay for the next thing I will say or show. However I do not send out PPV’s en masse to ALL my subscribers. I let them see ALL my posts that I am posting there simply because they paid to subscribe. BUT if they want to talk to me 1 on 1 id when I work in some PPV’s. To me this approach is the right thing for now. I might change this over time as my subscriber base grows. Don’t be scared to change things up or experiment over time-just keep your fans in mind and try to keep them coming back for more of YOU.

Have YOU made an OnlyFans yet, sexy?

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