NEW to the “Scene?” Choose your NAME Carefully!

research your sex work name before choosing it

So you have come into the world of erotic content production with 50 dollars and a dream. You aren’t thinking about running an actual business. You just know you want to be involved in the world of sex work and want to make a NAME (or at least some money) for yourself. So you decide to choose your screen or scene name and GO…but WAIT…you missed a step! You need to SEARCH that name and make sure it isn’t taken already!

That’s right-it is important from DAY ONE to find out whether your new NAME is already taken by another person or business. That’s right, your screen or scene name will likely become your BRAND as well if you stay in sex work. In the past people didn’t really consider things like this, but today you cannot AFFORD to do otherwise!
Experienced Dommes weigh in on Twitter as to the need for thinking of BUSINESS!

Iknow, I know you just got into this to sell some pictures of your feet and didn’t want to worry about the more serious “business” aspects of things. Maybe when you start working in an erotic field you are just doing it for a little extra money but what this comes down to is BETTING ON YOURSELF> Betting that you will succeed in this thing you are trying. Betting that your initial draw to making clips or camming or virtual sex work leads to something more serious in that same field. betting that you have LONGEVITY and end up making great money.

SEX WORK-especially with an online foundation-means YOU are the product, so to speak. If you build a name for yourself in an erotic field, who is to say you won’t later transition OUT of it but be well known enough to want to KEEP your scene/sexwork name? For example, Stormy Daniels. She is as well known for things OUTSIDE of her sex work (including a huge media swarm around her for a physical involvement with a U.S. president) like stand up comedy and a best selling memoir.

Bet on yourself and think of yourself as a business early on. Research the name you are considering using in this scene BEFORE you start really making a name for yourself. You do NOT want to find out that you can never LEGALLY own it or that all the wen domains associated with it are already taken. Names are POWER. You need to own yours or at least find one to work under that you CAN buy once you are making some money. And by that I mean brand yourself and buy domains etc without someone else sending you a cease and desist down the road because THEY bought it out from under you.

Great advice from Domina Alexandra Snow, an industry veteran. be sure to Follow Her on twitter and look for her INDUSTRY CLASSES aimed at those new to erotic video production!

Take CHARGE of this thing that might just become a bigger career than you think and be sure to search the SCENE at large for the name you want to use as well. For example, scene names for cammers or dommes might not be as readily searchable as you would think. They might have a sizeable following with less web presence because so much of it is happening via adult websites or in social media versus content. This means that you might have to search for an EXACT name or spelling to receive good search results that help you. So it might be best to investigate the SCENE, SITES and SOCIAL MEDIA based around the scene you want to break into.

Doing this can help you find out whether the name you want is taken OR if someone with a bigger following has a name too similar. Choosing a name similar to another personality’s can mean you get noticed LESS. And certainly don’t try it as a tactic to make more money! That can really backfire. Be original and DO YOUR RESEARCH! Due diligence is everything.