New Year, New LOOK for Findom Lifestyle!

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2020 is almost upon us. Doesn’t 2020 just SOUND like the future? Like some year out of a science fiction something or other? Well that’s because IT IS. 2020 is THE future, YOUR future. The year good things happen, right? Well this pertains to Findom Lifestyle Mag too. We are on the UP and UP.

So what does 2020 bring for Findom Lifestyle? A bunch of stuff BUT most importantly a NEW LOOK and….get ready for it…a NEW NAME. That’s right! We follow our Sex Worker Spirit Guide who told us now is the time to REBRAND!

The GREAT advice and lifestyle content you know and love will continue BUT with a fresh look and a fresh name. WHY a new name? Because FDL is for ALL sex workers, whether into findom or not. Sure, Financial Domination will ALWAYS be at the heart of this site. It is really all about getting that money using your SEXUAL power, no matter what type of sexwork you do OR how you identify sexually and otherwise.

Because of this I decided it is time to give the whole site its GLOW UP. Do YOU have any ideas for content you would like to see here on Findom Lifetsyle? Are there features or subject matter YOU want to see? And most importantly, any suggestions for a NEW NAME? If I use the name YOU suggest then there might be something in it for you…

YOU are appreciated and after all, this site is FOR YOU, the sex workers of the world and all of us who LOVE monetizing our sexuality. Get involved and get busy, we are taking over the WORLD! Feel free to comment under this article or DM us on twitter! And while you’re there give @LifestyleFindom a follow!