Pet’s Corner! June 27th, 2019

See cute box turtles and a pug. Sex workers love our pets

Here at Findom Lifestyle Mag we LOVE our SW family AND their pets! Pets ARE our family and the sexworkers at large are some of the most loving petowners around. Let’s face it, our pets are out support system, our best friends, our family and MORE to us! So Pet’s Corner is a place where we can celebrate the SW extended family of PETS and clear our minds from all the online craziness we go through on the reg. Think of it as a MENTAL DETOX and get ready to enjoy these pics!

This article was written and content curated by Mistress Chloe Rose.

look at those whiskers!

First we have @SadisticWhiskey’s cute pooch!

My Mr. Squishy Face is a huge mama’s boy and has no concept of personal space. He has a cute howl he does whenever he hears firetruck or ambulance sirens.

The look on this doggo’s face is ” I know who did it-but it wasn’t ME”

The best part is really that his name is Mr. Squishy Face! LOL


Next we have @Mistress1chloe’s 3 baby turtles!

Box turtles are adorable!

Yes they are actual turtles. We have three box turtles. One is an Eastern box turtle, the other two are three-toed box turtles. Right now their names are little foot, spike & petri. Though honestly we change their names all the time lol.

They like fruit and worms and mostly come out to demand food when it’s hot!

This article was written and content curated by Mistress Chloe Rose. Want YOU pet to be featured in a future Pet’s Corner? Be sure to contact her on twitter at @Mistress1Chloe and follow her while you’re there! All pet pics are property of their respective owners!