Pet’s Corner! June 7th 2019

Here at Findom Lifestyle Mag we LOVE our SW family AND their pets! Pets ARE our family and the sexworkers at large are some of the most loving petowners around. Let’s face it, our pets are out support system, our best friends, our family and MORE to us! So Pet’s Corner is a place where we can celebrate the SW extended family of PETS and clear our minds from all the online craziness we go through on the reg. Think of it as a MENTAL DETOX and get ready to enjoy these pics!

This article was written and content curated by Mistress Chloe Rose.

Steven the bearded dragon

This is Steven the bearded dragon! He belongs to the lovely @SheGodClaire. He was rescued from an abuse situation and can’t use his hind legs but he can still do anything a healthy bearded dragon can do if you give him the chance! His favorite thing to do is eat salads with extra worms in them & chase his mom around the reptile room.

Bearded dragons are very friendly and make excellent pets. She often refers to hers affectionately as her ‘son’. 🙂

This bearded dragon is a rescued lizard. Thank you Claire!
Thank you @SheGodClaire for loving animals enough to rescue them!

@SheGodClaire rescues all kinds of pets most of which need medical care. If you have a soft spot for rescue animals send her a message asking if you can donate to their care.

Donate to the cause of RESCUES!

Boris the Blade is a black cat with a striking long coat
Boris the Blade is so striking with his gorgeous black coat.
  • Or next cutie belongs to @MissxMaya. His name is Boris “The Blade”. ( Boris “The Blade” Yurinov. He’s an Ex-KGB agent from the movie Snatch.)
  • He is a 2 year old floof who loves belly rubs and sitting in the tub while you shower. He is super lazy and loves catnip.
Look at this beautiful black cat taking a peaceful nap
Napping cats are so cute…

Awww so cute! Nap Time!

This article was written and content curated by Mistress Chloe Rose. Want YOU pet to be featured in a future Pet’s Corner? Be sure to contact her on twitter at @Mistress1Chloe and follow her while you’re there! All pet pics are property of their respective owners!