Pet’s Corner! May 23rd, 2019

As sexworkers we all love our pets more than pretty much anything else!

So we’ve decided to have a pets corner and feature some of your/our pets.

Prepare to oooo and ahhhhh and be cheered up!

Thank you to Mistress Chloe Rose for contributing and sourcing this article!

First we have @SynfulxPleasure on twitter’s gorgeous pooch!

Greetings, I am Hazel Queen. I enjoy long romps with My mom, beefy snacks, & the outdoors. I’m a guard dog & Dogimatrix. My kink is being worshiped as I deserve! Farewell, I will await My butt scratches!

Wow this doggo is just way too cute isn’t she?

Next we have @Mistress1chloe’s pup!

Beautiful German Shepherd. They are among some of the SMARTEST dogs!

Hello! I’m Apollo! I am 2 years old and mostly a very good doggo!

I love long walks, chasing deer (don’t worry it’s a game I’d never hurt them!), and I want all of your attention all of the time or I will die of boredom!

I also adore laying down in puddles and getting muddy like the photo below!

Someone looks dirty!!! Look at those ears!!

Ok that’s all for this week but we plan to do more PET’S CORNER soon! If you are a sex worker and want to see your pet (any kind of pet) please message @mistress1chloe with 2 photos of your pet and 2-3 sentences about them including their name and we will put you on the list for Pet’s Corner!

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