Pet’s Corner! Week of 8/2/19

pet family feature

As sexworkers we all love our pets more than pretty much anything else!

So we’ve decided to have a pets corner and feature some of your/our pets.

Prepare to oooo and ahhhhh and be cheered up!

Thank you to Mistress Chloe Rose for contributing and sourcing this article! Please follow her on Twitter!

ready for a dose of cute?

First up is @OnlyGoddessIves’s precious pups…

am I a good boy?

“This is Cocoa, My 10 year old lab/pit mix. I’ve had her since she was 8 weeks old. She’s My baby and goes everywhere with Me.”


omg, that is freakin cute

This is Bella. She is a sweet and very energetic chihuahua. I adopted her after having only one dog for nearly 11 years.


Next we have @Mixtrixfix’s famous showboat kitten Mindy!

Mindy looking like a model

Mindy is a showboat who LOVES popping up on cam with me. Never one to pose for pictures, she is an expert photobomber. You cannot see it in the pics but Mindy only has 3 legs and half of a tail. She was one of the neighborhood stray cats and when I saw her I fell in love. I knew she didn;t have much chance as a stray around here because she is missing a back leg. So I couldn’t resist taking her in. Mindy loves being on cam and DEMANDS to be petted all day long.

kitten model

(We love playing peekaboo with you Mindy!)

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