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go to for THE most comprehensive info on LUCRATIVE sex work and more!

You are trying to move to the next level. You want that money or just to be GREAT at what you do. Maybe you are looking to break into new areas of sex work or simply need advice on some of the best methods to get tributes. Schedule you social media or make money as a PSO (that’s phone sex operator if you didn’t already know). If this describes you-and I KNOW it does-then you need to get yourself over to . with plenty of free articles and tutorials it has become THE one stop shop for sex worker advice. But here is the clincher: an actual subscription membership to is only two bucks a month. Yeah I said it, $2 a month. Trust me, the advice on there is well worth more than THAT. There are tutorials on everything from how to maximize your money on NiteFlirt to using Canva as a pic editing solution.

YES it is that comprehensive. If you think you recognize the name Amberly Rothfield it is because she is the author of “How I Made $10,000 a Month as a Phone Sex Operator” as well as being a BBW Awards nominated artist. Her YEARS of experience as a PSO alone make her insights a valuable resource but let’s not forget all the SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS. Yes, you heard me right. Everywhere from traditional higher learning institutions to kink startups have been Amberly-graced venues. She gives lecture series full of know-how yet manages to temper them with down to earth sex worker vibes. In other words She is ONE OF US.

Go take a peek at . You will find advice on sex work and navigating the adult industry that can benefit you no matter if you are brand spanking new to erotic work OR a vet. There is something for everyone and Amberly Rothfield has made it her mission to inform and guide us all the way to the bank.

p.s. check out the info on SALES FUNNELS and get your bag going

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