PornHub REJECTED by PayPal

paypal screws over the sex work industry yet again

News Flash! This week massive porn purveyor Pornhub announced it would not longer be paying its content contributors (aka models) via PayPal. Paypal, well known as an adversary of all things “adult” put an end to the business relationship. Their sudden termination of the relationship has left hundreds of thousands of models without a means to receive payment from the porn giant. To those of us in the know this is simply another erotic industry REJECTION from PayPal.

PayPal stated the following in an email statement shortly after:: “Following a review, we have discovered that PornHub has made certain business payments through PayPal without seeking our permission. We have taken action to stop these transactions from occurring,”

Hundreds of thousands of Pornhub models are stranded without payment

Paypal’s action leaves many in the adult industry stranded. This is not really news to most of us who work as independent contractors in the sex industry. The money processing megacorp has a history of terminating sex work accounts for little to no reason. Despite the termination emails that shade their dislike of sex work with nicer terms, it boils down to “we don’t like what you do for a living.”

Over the past decade they have closed countless sex worker PayPal accounts with little to no warning. When they do this they frequently confiscate the money in those accounts. Some SW’s receive the money back after a lengthy dispute and investigation whereas some never receive back funds they EARNED. Simply because of your job you can be told you do not have the right to use their means to move money.

PayPal actively searches and bans sex workers

PayPal goes so far as to regularly comb social media. This search is a way to see if SEX WORKERS are openly giving out their paypal details as a payment option. Paypal is actively looking for models, findoms, escorts and anything deemed “adult” or erotic who might be attempting to use their money services. Paypal then shuts down those accounts with no warning. Senders sometimes mention key words in their payment messages. This can lead to the pay recipient getting banned from the money service altogether. That’s right, a word such as “Mistress” in a payment comment can get your account shut down and money in it confiscated.

PayPal is notorious for these types of actions and shutdowns. The fact PornHub ever used them at all is at once sad and laughable. It is sad for those models stranded and waiting for money they earned fairly. It is laughable that PornHub (themselves known to screw over the very models who keep them in business) would think their massive scope of business would somehow keep them from being another shutdown.

Paypal is known for searching out and banning sex workers and those in the adult industries.
Paypal is a longtime adversary of the adult industry.

The parent company of PornHub is MindGeek. MindGeek gave a statement on the PayPal issue, saying they were “devastated by PayPal’s decision to stop payouts to over a hundred thousand performers who rely on them for their livelihoods”.  PornHub is now scrambling to find an equally easy way to get their models the money they are owned but many of the solutions offered will not offer the same ease (and international scope) as PayPal does. 

Will PornHub make its own PayPal competitor?

The best case scenario? Pornhub takes their MASSIVE financial earnings and makes its own PayPal competitor. Not just to pay their OWN models. But one that is adult friendly AND vanilla suitable across the board. One that can be used for erotic industry transactions AND day to day purchases, the same way PayPal, Apple Pay, Google and more can. This is the next step if Pornhub wants to keep industry savvy. They have the means and now they have the motive. Let’s keep our fingers crossed…

What does this mean to YOU as a Sex Worker? DO NOT USE PAYPAL. Do not support their business. They most certainly do not support YOURS. Not to mention doing so can lead to loss of money. Eventually you would need to find alternate payment methods in the future anyways. So go ahead and do yourself a favor and JUST DON’T.

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