Scene Spotlight: Goddess Dior Armonie

Our scene is full of dynamic and interesting people and Goddess Dior is the epitome of the beautiful and driven personalities that are drawn to our lifestyle. From LEGENDARY retweet games to designing branding graphics for sex workers to findom mentoring, Goddess Dior has gone from up and coming to legendary in the space of a few years. Time to find out more about Dior Armonie and if you don’t know who she is yet, then now is your chance to get educated on the who’s who of this scene.

Goddess Dior allowed Findom Lifestyle magazine to interview her
Goddess Dior is well known in the Findom community.

Goddess Dior was kind enough to let Findom Lifestyle Mag ask her a few questions…keep reading for her insights AND to see a LEGENDARY retweet game drain!

I asked Goddess Dior what attracted her to Findom and Femdom and what got her started into this world:

I first started when I was 18, I’ve always been drawn to the lifestyle and the freedom of which it provided, I am my own boss! That’s the most amazing aspect of it all! I can connect with people from all over the world and we can have completely nothing in common at time but the joy/pleasure of BDSM. “

How long have you been active in this world and what are the best places to contact you?

“I’ve been active since 2015, my online presence started in 2016. The best way to contact me is through or Email “

Goddess Dior has many loyal fans and is now offering consultation and art services to other dommes
Dior Armonie has amassed a loyal following amongst her fans.

Wondering WHY you might want to get in contact with Goddess Dior? Firstly she is a very talented and graphics designer for hire!

Specializing in branding and promotional graphics, Dior Armonie makes edits such as twitter headers, posters and MORE for her fellow SW’s and Dommes. NO ONE can understand your branding needs better than someone in the same industry AND her work is reasonably priced. How do I know this? A while back I hired her to make a twitter header for me. I make my own graphics but after seeing her work I KNEW I needed to hire her right away. Check this piece out:

Mixtrix is a Femdom Humiliatrix legend. This graphic was designed to spec by Goddess Dior Armonie.
@SpoilDior made this graphic to spec for me! I LOVE IT!!!

The pic above is the twitter header that Dior Armonie made for me. She asked the color scheme I wanted as well as the type of theme I hoped to see in it. I gave her pics to choose from and then let her work her magic! I LOVE this header so much and one of the reasons I wanted to do this spotlight feature about Dior is because I am so impressed with her design skill. You can see more examples of her designs for fellow SW’s on her twitter @SpoilDior. Honestly you should be following her anyways.

You already know she offers design but THERE IS MORE.

Goddess Dior also now offers mentorship to select SW’s and findoms

I asked her what TYPES of services she offers within the sexwork community in addition to her strong branding and promo graphics:

Well it’s a lot of things. I help promote other SWs, I also started providing virtual lessons that can be found through There are so many thing I’m planning to branch off and try.

That’s RIGHT! Virtual lessons are available for sex workers and findommes who are trying to up their game. I asked her what made her decide to offer mentorships and what kinds of things mentees might look forward to if Dior is their mentor:

What made me decide to provide Mentorship was the growth of predators/scammers in the community. There was an incident when girls were being blackmailed and that was the last straw for me. I wanted to provide a safe place for People to learn. No more large groups of people being taken advantage of and definitely to decrease misconceptions / conflicts within the community. What my mentees can look forward to is a safe, supportive, productive learning environment. I’m making sure I give all of them the proper tools to succeed and teach them the true power of sisterhood.”

Goddess Dior had one of the most legendary retweet games in recent findom history
Goddess Dior now offers consultations, mentorship and education services to fellow Dommes

Goddess Dior cares deeply about anyone she mentors. She helps to educate them about the ins and outs of this world.

Goddess Dior expanded on the types of things you can look forward with her as your mentor :

“My Mentorship includes and isn’t limited to: 
• Brand Refining 
(Graphics designed by me or help choosing a more desirable look to attract more traffic)
• Personal one on one guidance
(You will not be grouped in with others, Your individual needs will be assessed and you will be taught based on WHO YOU ARE)
• Learn your Domme/Dom Style (Learn what you like and how to attract it)
• Double/Group Drains
(If a sub contacts me for a double or group drain you will be contacted)
• 24/7 Help 
(I will contact you ASAP) AND MUCH MORE!”

If you are new to this scene then please realize that THIS IS AMAZING. If you are having trouble finding your way then realize these things can change the course and outcome of your career in findom/SW.

Now if you’re saying to yourself “I want her to mentor me, but is she the right one to show me the ropes,” then let ME show YOU something, Goddess Dior just held one of the MOST LEGENDARY twitter retweet games ever! EVER! get ready to have your MIND blown. Here is the actual RT game tweet so you can SEE it with your own eyes.
Goddess Dior made over $7,000 on this retweet game and then spread the love generously to friends after receiving payout. and YES there is proof of all of that on her timeline.

Check out the STAKES on that game (20/20/20) with hundreds of likes and retweets and comments for a total payout of over $7k. This is another reason I was so excited to do a spotlight feature about Goddess Dior Armonie. Additionally her promotional graphics and mentorship offerings make Dior an exciting member of the SW community.

Next I asked her about her experience in the industry so far and if she felt it had changed her or helped her to grow:

“Yes, most definitely! It has given me confidence. Taught me to be less judgmental. I’ve took my blinders off to societies twisted views. I’m now unapologetically myself and I feel amazing! “

Goddess Dior is more than just an online domme, she is also a content creator and branding expert
Goddess Dior also creates her own fetish content. Be sure to follow her twitter @SpoilDior

And that is why I love Dior! Not only is She is multi-talented, she BELIEVES int this industry and the people in it. I knew I had to interview her and I am so happy she agreed to being featured in Findom Lifestyle mag. Be sure to follow her twitter to see the latest in her content, domming fun, and peer-based services.

The empowerment of sex work can give new confidence!

Interested in obtaining mentorship or hiring her for branding graphics? Be sure to contact Goddess Dior via

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