Sephora Summer Bonus Sale

sephora summer bonus sale info

We like all things beauty here at Findom Lifestyle as well as all things SALE. So when Sephora announced their upcoming annual Summer Bonus sale, we just HAD to bring it to the people. and by people I mean US. Sex Workers. Looks are always an asset in any business but when you are self employed and rely on YOU to be your own erotic brand? Well, let’s just say the beauty is necessary. (and if it isn’t hey, do you!)

So what IS the Sephora Summer Bonus Sale? It is a multi-day sale where you get up to 20% off of EVERYTHING if you are a VIB or ROUGE tier member. Sure, there are a few limitations but not nearly as many as you would THINK. Most brands are included and even the limited ones (think tatcha) are still just cannot buy them in bulk. One exception is The Ordinary, but fuck, it is cheap anyways.

Sale starts the 19th for Rouge members, the 20th for VIB

So WHEN is the Summer Bonus sale? It starts August 20th and ends August 27th, 2019. A cool week of cheapness at a place where sales are kind of RARE. Now here is the thing…you MUST be a VIB level member to get the discount, which is 15% off. You might be asking, HOW do you get to be a VIB member? well spend $350 in one year at sephora and make sure you have signed up for their rewards program.

BUT if you are a ROUGE tier member you get 20% off of your purchases that week PLUS the sale starts a day early, on the 19th. HERE IS THE CRAZY THING…ROUGE members get to bring a friend on the 19th and they get 20% off too! Wait,what? Yes, the friend gets the 20% too, just for showing up with a ROUGE member! That is major! How does one get to be a ROUGE member? Spend a thousand bucks in a year at Sephora. LIKE ME (OMG did I really? lol). Can’t shop in-store? Shop online with the code “SUMMERSAVE.”