Sex Work Perspectives: “I’m a Survival Sex Worker”

survival sex worker true story

There are a LOT of different facets to sex work. Everything from TYPE of SW to WHY we do these jobs comprises part of our sex work “origin story.” Here at Findom Lifestyle we want these stories and voices to be heard and understood. This article kicks off our “Sex Work Perspectives” Series. Author Amber B shares some thoughts on her time as a survival sex worker. Read some of her candid thoughts on survival sex work then follow her on Twitter.

Thoughts on being a Survival Sex Worker by Amber B

“What is it like as Survival Sexworker? 
Well let me tell you a little about myself so you can know what it’s like to have to fight and struggle to make ends meet. You see I am thirty-seven years old and physically disabled due to many health issues and so is my husband and we both can’t work a typical 9-5 “normie” job. We were really struggling for food and things we really needed! So a friend of me suggest a premium snapchat. And here’s where it all starts so hold on to you towels and be ready for a rollercoaster of a story!”

Snapchat was Amber B’s first foray into sex work…

“When I started with my Snapchat? I had absolutely no clue as to what I should do. So we started by filming our regular sex life (married for 12yrs now) and it was adventurous to say the least. Well then it was getting to the point where I I wasn’t making sales for shit! So I had to step up my game. So I joined sites to gain more of a fan base! Those went ok so far but I’m still struggling!”

A lot of people make their life as a sex worker look luxurious. Is that how it is for you as a survival sex worker?

“You see people take for granted the little things like fancy clothes, fine dining, epic vacations and more to me those are so far on the back burner! Hell I have never had a honeymoon cause we have always struggled! But I would not trade it for the world! Providing for mine is my number one priority! And well I won’t sugarcoat shit (ain’t no Willy Wonka) I have not made a legit sale in weeks and when I don’t get sales I can’t even feed my family.  So let me say don’t take material things as a way of proving who you are!”

What are major goals for you? Do they mostly involve sex work?

“This isn’t what I want to do with my life! I want to go back to school and eventually own my own business but that won’t happen unless I continue to hustle and keep my family safe. If you don’t think survival sex workers deserve to make money then you are sadly mistaken. 
To me it isn’t about “clout” or buying new pretty things it’s about how my life will get better cause I struggled yeah I’m older but I won’t let my age stop me!”

Can we have some advice for those of us who are not SSW’s please?

“So if you see someone say they are a survival sexworker lend them a hand! Lift them up! Tip them! Or send gift cards for places that you know that will help! 
Do I see myself doing sexworker in the future? Yeah cause in all honesty it has helped me learn how to love my flaws even more! I am also a model so this has helped me out in many ways.
I get bullied and bashed for having a not typical body size and I say screw them cause I am beautiful!”

What kind of impact does being a survival sex worker have on your marriage?

“This has even increased my bond with my husband! We get to make love and film together! Our sex life is very active but some days I get burnt out.
I work harder than most to get sales and a bigger social presence than before. We all have a voice it’s just how loud we are and if anyone truly hears us.
I have been a part of this community for a while first as a Financial Domme but lately I have gained more love for making content. 
My bigger goals are to get my husband into trucking school and pay off our home so that aspect isn’t an issue. I have been homeless more times than I can count but this is only a little bobble I’m my epic adventure!! So are you ready? Come along for the ride”

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