Ten Basics of Spanking: A Spanking 101

spanking 101 basics of spanking kink

These 10 tips are the perfect start to learning the basics of spanking play. Curious about impact play but unsure of where to start? Always wanted to try spanking your submissive or bottoming partner but need basic tips on safety? No clue how to proceed? Welcome to Spanking 101! Mistress Chloe Rose wrote these top 10 tips to help beginners who want to try this popular kink.

spanking 101 are the top ten tips to help you learn how to spank, BDSM style
Spanking 101 are basic tips to get you started in the world of spanking play

Spanking 101 Basics : Ten Top Tips for Spanking Play

Ok so lots of you know about spanking but since there are always new Dommes popping up I thought a spanking article might be nice! Who knows maybe you do online work but you want to spank your BF or GF and don’t know how! If so this is for you!

Mistress Chloe Rose wrote the top ten tips on how to get started in kinky spanking play
Mistress Chloe Rose is an experienced ProDomme as well as Lifestyle Dominant.
  1. Always do warm up first! Warm up is when you do light light spanks for an extended period of time. The PURPOSE of this is to give the sub time to mentally adjust before it actually hurts. It also allows the skin to warm up. Never hit cold skin hard. It will cause far more damage and bruising as well as potentially making subspace difficult for the sub. This part is completed once the bottom is a nice even light pink color 
  2. Always avoid the kidneys, spine & tailbone. These areas could be severely damaged by hitting and no one wants a broken tailbone or bruised kidneys. 
  3. I recommend practicing on a pillow to start. Put a quarter on a pillow and try to hit it consistently. Once you can hit it 20 times in a row without missing you are probably good to go. This exercise will be easier or harder depending on the implement used. 
  4. Crops are great for spanking beginners. I love crops so much. Especially for starting out. I found crops to be extremely easy to aim with. Plus you can use a crop to be sensual OR harsh and crops are excellent for cbt and nipple play too! Extremely versatile and easy to use. 
  5. Hairbrushes are great for new subs! I love using a hairbrush on a new sub. One all subs love the over the knee spanking. It adds intimacy to the spanking. Two hair brushes are great for breaking up spanking. Use the back as a paddle and when the sub seems to be getting close to tapping out switch it around and run the bristles lightly over their red bum for a sensation distraction.
  6. An important part of spanking is the rhythm. You can’t just infinity build up. So it’s better to spank in waves building up then slowing down then building up again. 
  7. Patience is extremely important. If you find you are rushing (a real problem I had when I started) then ask the sub how many seconds each hit stings and start counting to that number plus 20 between hits. The sub perceives time differently than you. Slow and steady wins every time.
  8. Do not jump into wooden paddles or whips. I find new Dommes need more practice with these than they assume they do. Both can cause serious damage so make sure you really have honed in with your hand and soft paddles before starting these. 
  9. Try each impact toy on yourself before on others. You can have a trusted partner hit you too. All toys hit differently and it’s really hard to know what’s going on if you haven’t experienced it. To this day I hit My calves with anything new before using on others. That tells Me how stingy or thuddy it is. Is it a surface impact toy or a deep tissue toy etc. Then I can hit My sub much better knowing what to expect.
  10. Always do aftercare after impact play. Subs can get seriously high from impact as well as have damage that may need tending. Always look over their marks to see if they need Neosporin or a band-aid. I recommend tea tree oil for bruises. Helps it heal up faster. Always reassure the sub they are good after an impact scene and never start back up once they are in aftercare space. Oh and make sure subs don’t drive if they are high!

Anyways I hope this helps the newbie Dommes! Go get that booty!

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