STRIPPER’S RESOURCE Part 2: How to Talk to Customers and KEEP THEM

how to be a stripper and talk to customers

So you are a stripper or want to be one but need serious advice… We got you! Guest author and exotic dancing expert Madame Aoife fills in the knowledge gap with tips on how to talk to the customers, how to get regulars and how to KEEP THEM once you do! Ready for some real moneymaking tips? Keep reading sexy friends as Madame Aoife tells is like it is to get you PAID

This guide will help you learn how to approach customers and how to maintain regulars. I hope the knowledge that I’ve gained over the years will help you earn some crazy cash.

Approaching customers

When I approach a customer I either sat beside them or squatted beside their chair if there was no available spot. It’s important to make sure your body language shows that your interest in him as a person. Flirt with these guys. You are a fantasy for them. Politely introduce yourself.  Say your stage name. If they don’t offer to carry on the conversation from there then ask what brings them to the club tonight. From there you might be able to judge if he is interested in you. You can even ask what their plans are for the weekend or if they have anything fun planned!

Guys also like compliments. I frequently compliment colognes if they have something nice on. However Don’t waste TOO much of your time on conversation.  Only talk for a song’ \s worth of conversation. After that ask if they’d like a private dance. Once they agree you can then ask if they’d like to do just the private dance OR if they’d like to get a private room. Depending on the club these private rooms can be called VIP or Champagne Rooms.

Upsell to a VIP room if you can!

Mention that a VIP room is more private. Be sure to let them know that they get your UNDIVIDED ATTENTION for however long they paid for the VIP. This can be a really important selling point! I’ve learned some guys just want a VIP room so they can talk to you. Others might just want to stare at you without being judged.  Many times the customer may not even want you to dance at all. They just crave that 1 on 1 time with you and there is MONEY to be made from this!

If the guy refuses a dance or a VIP room don’t be a jerk about it! DO NOT insult him. Politely thank him anyway and move on. Sometimes a guy just isn’t in the mood for that. They have reasons to say no and learning to respect them is good business. Sometimes guys turned me down only to return weeks later to spend time and money on me. They then took out several hours in a VIP room because I am always polite. One customer even gave me hundreds of dollars in tips just for being polite. It PAYS to use good judgement and manners…LITERALLY!

Types of Customers: the guys you will encounter as a stripper

I always recommend approaching every customer-Even if they don’t LOOK like they have a lot of money.  You can never be 100% sure WHO will be the one who brought some money to tip you. Some of the guys in the club can come off rude or creepy. Those guys simply don’t know how to approach women. This is the exact reason why they are in a club- they don’t really know how to TALK to women.

Never tolerate abuse or assault!

Some of the regulars I had seemed very offensive and rude at first. I later learned that they never really interacted with women. In cases like this I was always quick to politely tell them that they were rude. This gave them a chance to correct that behavior. Give some guys a chance to be a good customers. It can really pay off. However never tolerate abuse or someone assaulting you. Some guys like to push their luck and will quickly try to grab you inappropriately. You DO NOT have to tolerate this and can end the dance right then and there.

Maintaining regulars

If you want regulars you WILL have to show up to your job on the regular. Set certain days you plan to dance and actually show up to them. Once customers realize you are there to stay they will come to see you. NOt to mention if they can count on you having a regular schedule they will show up on YOUR days with money in hand.

How to get regulars if you work as a stripper
regular customers can become a large portion of your tips

If a customer seems super interested in you, get to know him. Don’t allow him to take all of  your time without tipping you. Yes, they should be tipping to talk to you! Talk about common interests OR even just let him talk about himself or whatever. Learning to tilt a conversation towards HIS interests is a great way to keep him engaged and paying.

Basic conversation skills can get you paid

In the long run it doesn’t matter WHAT you talk about as long as you are making money. It can be a few dollars off and on. I’ve even had customers tip me $20’s every minute! The most important part of having regulars is maintaining some sort of friendly relationship with the individual inside the club. Try to keep it as professional as possible and BE FIRM that he has to pay you. With my regulars I’d always flirt and ask tons of questions. I wanted them to feel like the most important person in the world while they had me in VIP. If a guy doesn’t get a VIP room with you and only does dances on the regular he still counts as a regular. I recommend still taking time getting to know them too. Eventually they may warm up to the idea of getting rooms. 

Tips for when women are in the club

Remember that just because a guy turned down another girl does not mean he will say no to you. If you get rejected be polite and move on-don’t get super upset over it. Ask every customer if they’d like a dance. This includes women. With couples ALWAYS approach the women first. She will either give her guy permission to get a dance or the guy will get excited and pay for his girl to get a dance.


ALWAYS try to up sell. If a customer buys a few lap dances from you he may also buy a VIP from you. Some girls seem to be terrified of selling VIPs. I’m not sure why that is. VIP (private) rooms are often the quickest and best way to make a lot of money. I’ve spent entire nights in VIP. On those nights I never had to do stage rounds or talk to anyone other than regulars! Sometimes I’d literally sit on my butt all night talking, drinking and even eating food in a VIP room. I’d be making tons of money for doing next to nothing. However it is important to keep in mind that not all regulars will want you to sit down and talk. So don’t assume they will be okay with it. They’ll usually tell you why they wanted a VIP. Listen and let their reason shape the experience.

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