sex worker social media ban help
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Twitter Search Ban HELP!

If you have experienced searchbans on twitter or have had your instagram shut down for being a sex worker then THIS article and video is…

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what is the future of findom
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The Future of Findom?

I recently put a call out on Twitter for questions for a new Ask me Anything series and got some AMAZING suggestions. Lots of them…

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Findom ask me anything
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NEW in the Ask Me Anything Series!

Do YOU have questions about FINDOM or SEX WORK or FEMDOM or our lifestyle in the erotic industries? NOW is the time to ask! Findom…

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New ulta makeup haul video
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Ulta Beauty Haul- New video!

I love beauty-you love beauty. So I thought I would share my recent Ulta haul from this week. This is ONLY a Haul video. I…

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