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Get ready for it…There is not ONE little secret thing that can lead to you finding subs and getting paid. I know, I know you were hoping I would say it is as simple as XYZ.  But nothing worth having ever comes easy and if it DID you sure as fuck wouldn’t even NEED to read this article now would you? The GOOD news? I am gonna spill some thoughts and experience for you to help you find your own PAYING subs. Even BETTER news? This is just the first in many articles dealing with this very subject so if you don’t get an answer that helps you today, then it is coming. Today’s article is a little bit philosophical but deals with core attributes to help you get the tribs you want. This will not give you an easy answer but rather some MINDSET tips to assist with the trib chase. Read on, fellow findom, and see if any of this resonates with you.

The DREAM of pretty much every findom coming into the scene is getting tributes for nothing. There is technically no such thing of course (gotta make SOME effort of some sort usually) but what I really mean is getting that type of tribute where a sub just gives it and wants NOTHING at all in return. You just exist as a findom and he finds you somehow and tributes with no expectations from you. Now you have probably been a findom long enough to know it just doesn’t always happen like that BUT that it could and for some dommes actually DOES. So this is going to be the very 1st TYPE of tribute I am gonna “philosophise” on in this series.

First things first: a little backstory. I have been in the online (and offlline) findom scene for many years now. When I first came onto the scene there were WAY less findoms yet the very same things were being said THEN that you hear NOW. Where are all the subs? How do I avoid all the timewasters? So take heart in knowing that it is NOT just happening to YOU, this is something that has been going on a long time and affects findom after findom.

Now for some disclosure. I have actually not had much trouble getting subs. Ever. Even early on I got paid almost straightaway after coming into the findom scene. But that being said I have STILL had plenty of dry times. There have been times where the flow felt like a trickle and I thought to myself “this is lame. There are no real susb anymore.” But for the most part I have had pretty awesome luck finding good boys as well as random drive-by tribs and sessions too. I did notice though that other dommes were not always having the same experiences as me. So what made things different for ME than for THEM? That is some of what I am gonna break down for you today.

One thing I can say I have noticed over the years that has gone a LONG way in my favor has been WORK ETHIC. And EFFORT. This sounds so fucking obvious I know but it is as true a factor as it is predictable. I was willing to put in massive time and effort and was rewarded for it. I know this sounds ridiculously elementary but it is EVERYTHING and you would be surprised how many dommes just do NOT see it this way. I think that sometimes when a new findom comes onto the scene she sees it as “easy money.” And it CAN be…but it isn’t. Let me give you the perfect true story example of this. A sub came to me and tributed me a nice fat triple digit tribute. I had never spoken to this sub. Did not know him. NO conversations or DM’s prior to the tribute except for “do you accept tribute method X.”  Nor did he expect conversation afterwards. This fucker just wanted to tribute Me. Something I did or said or made or posted somewhere had a big enough effect on him to make him want to do that with ZERO expectation of anything in return. In other words the findom dream. Bitch pops out of nowhere, wants to show submission to your awesomeness, drops some money on you. BOOM. PERFECT. Pretty much the exact thing al starting findoms want and think should happen to them.

But here is the thing. I put forth a massive amount of EFFORT to SHOW who I am, what I do, and all the reasons WHY I am special. I didn’t just show up with a profile photo on a site and a post that said “here piggy piggy” and think that was enough for me to attract anyone. If anything that is not enough to stand out from the massive crowd of dommes all hoping for the same thing. What I DID do was keep a presence. I kept that presence going out of love for the game, not because I got tributes. But because I planned to get them. I didn’t HAVE to ask. I didnt put my efforts in ASKING for shit. I put my efforts into showing how awesome I was and the bitches came. Granted, I made a point to put those efforts in places where subs will be. That is obvious. And I didn’t make WEAK efforts. It wasn’t one post now and another post 6 months later. It was over and over daily. Interesting things that show what a GODDESS I am. Things to tempt and attract. Let me give you an analogy. Think of the great social media personalities. Do you think those people became beloved by millions by putting out one post? NO. They put out things of value. When you are talking about the ONLINE-o-sphere you have to consider PRESENCE. That presence slips away if the online personality is not constantly updating their content or posts or presence. It does not matter what social media app or site. The person who matters is the person who is contributing to the content pool. Who has something to show or say or ideas to share.

Findom is in a sense similar. Basically you are asking a stranger who has MANY options of people to pay to pick YOU. You are hoping for him to see you in a crowd and say “wow” and find your presence so dominant and charismatic that he MUST tribute you as a sign of deference. So could one little post that disappears behind all the other things being posted that day be enough to get you noticed. Maybe, but not likely. You UP the likelihood by putting yourself out there. In other words, DOING SOME WORK. Making an effort. Giving yourself a CHANCE to stand out from the crowd. Think about it-you are basically asking someone to pay you PURELY for being a findom. So how would they know who you are or what you like look or WHY they should pay YOU instead of the other bazillion dommies out there? SHOW what is so exceptional about you that no sub could resist it. Be present and out front. Keep at it and stay in areas where you will be seen by the right people. Yes, it is work. BUT IT PAYS.

How else would you expect to get tributes without any other contact. Tributes just for being YOU? BY SHOWING YOU. And you know how online stuff works. When you post it, it is at the forefront of the site or app or scene. Then more stuff is posted by others and your stuff falls slowly to the back. It is called online real estate. Just like actual real estate it has VALUE. So you need to post often and make it worth reading or looking at. Make it content that has appeal and some inherencer value. Something that catches the eye or shows who you are or better yet, how you are NOT like the others. Remember, the subs have plenty of choices on who to tribute. YOU have to be the one. Make them see WHY.

Another tip is to be FOCUSED. Content about why your life sux does NOT inspire tribute. It is more likely to inspire pity. Now sometimes pity can generate you money but it is NOT your goal as a domme. Your goal is to RULE the minds of others, not be pitied. So take heed when choosing what to post and make it REFLECT who you are trying to be. People viewing your online content can only see you as you show yourself to be. Show them whatever it is you wish to be seen as. Do you wish to be seen as beautiful and powerful? Show them things that reflect those notions. You do not HAVE to be the most beautiful person on earth. That part is not necessary. What IS necessary is to show yourself as the most beautiful version of yourself you can be. That is possible not matter who you are and confidence goes a LONG way with finsubs. When you are posting as a findom do NOT show yourself as someone to be pitied or who does not believe in themself. Otherwise the viewer/sub will follow suit and see you in that way. They will not believe in you. They will see you as you show yourself. Show your charisma, power and beauty. Like I said, being the most beautiful is NOT necessary. Putting in effort to be the best version of YOU? NOw that pays off in so many ways I cannot even tell you. Both in findom and in life. Do it.

ONe last thing to consider as well? CONSISTENCY. The findom scene is huge and growing. It is very easy to get lost in it with no one ever finding out you exist. Being consistent helps you avoid this. I have seen so many findoms start to make headway in their “career” and then decide to drop out of it for this or that reason, only to come back later. I understand everyone has their reasons for doing things like that and I cannot judge but I DO advise to think very carefully before leaving the scene. Pretty much always the domme has to start from scratch when she returns. All her old subs are now happily serving another. Her profiles and social media must be rebuilt. NO one cares she is back. The world and findom has moved on. That 3 months she took away for mental health reasons was great for her but not good for her domming. And now she has more anxiety than ever. I cannot recommend anything besides putting your health first, BUT if you feel really strongly about findom, try to stick with it. Many subs want to know the domme they love serving will still BE there to serve in a month’s time.

Rebranding as a domme can often bring similar issues. A findom takes all this time and effort to grow a following or her name and then changes it on a whim and now no one can find her thru the old methods or searches. Now realistically I cannot say rebranding or taking time away is bad. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do and mental health DOES come first. But what I AM saying is do not do these things lightly. It might not be worth in the long run. You are strong, doll. Do what you must but don’t do it on a whim. It can be a hard climb back. Stay consistent and weather the challenges if you can. Respect your own needs first and foremost of course BUT take the time to make sure that a break from findom IS the best way to meet your needs. There have been times when I considered it and was so close to doing it and I am not VERY glad I didn’t. It makes me happy that I stuck with it despite what was happening in the rest of my life. I handled that shit and I am better for it. I cannot say what is best for YOU but I can tell you my own experiences with this stuff in the hopes it helps you be the BEST you.

The best YOU. This is what is important in the long run and the best YOU has everything it takes to be a first class findom and high ranking moneydomme. EFFORT, WORK ETHIC, FOCUS and CONSISTENCY pay. LITERALLY those are the things can bring you that random best-liife tribute you’ve been dreaming of. Not just once but over and over. Put in the work, not just in findom but into YOU. Show the BEST of you and others will respond to it. Subs have money in their pocket they are dying to spend on SOMEONE and if you do things right that someone can be YOU.

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