The Stripper’s Resource: How to Get the Job

getting the job as a stripper

The Stripper’s Resource is a new multi-part series written by Madame Aoife exclusively for Findom Lifestyle Magazine. Madame Aoife is an online sex worker and former stripper who KNOWS the exotic dancing industry. Get ready to benefit from her experience in this series of articles aimed at up and coming strippers or anyone interested in sex work at large. In Part One Madame Aoife fills you in on how to GET the job in the first place.

Can I become a stripper?

You may have fantasies of dancing up on a stage as men throw hundreds of dollars on you. Maybe you dream about being able to afford some  luxurious things in life. When I started dancing, I was a single mom of two trying to make ends meet. I was newly separated with absolutely no income. Going through a divorce was a really challenging time and stripping was a job that could work with my crazy schedule. 

How do i even get started?

Well one of the first steps that I recommend is visiting some clubs around you. If you have never been to a strip club, it can be a bit shocking.  Depending on your state, the club could be topless or full nudity. Converse with the dancers and have some fun. Watch the girls on stage. Get a feel for the club. Not every club you go to will be a good match.

How do I get a job at a club?

Call around to a few local clubs. See if they are doing auditions for new girls or if they have an amateur night. If the club has an amateur night try to do the amateur night for your first run. With an amateur night there could possible be a lot of newer girls and you could even win prize money if you are the winner. Some clubs do not offer the amateur night so you will have to just do an audition.

educate yourself about being a stripper
Stripping is a job like anything else. Do your homework. Read the articles in this series for a better chance at getting what you WANT out of dancing.

What should I wear?

Well that one varies depending on the club and state. some like the girls in bikinis, some want you to have pasties, others will even want you have a gown. So always ask the club. They can direct you to a store even. One thing I will make note of is when you first start dancing, do not wear normal heels. Wear stripper heels preferably single stack. NEVER EVER wear loose shoes. If a heel fits but is snug do not go up the next size. Your feet will thank me later. They may be uncomfortable at first but you will break them in. Stripper clothes at first can be pretty pricey.

How do I prep for an audition?

I would suggest looking up some VERY basic pole moves and floor work. Even learning how to twerk wouldn’t be a terrible idea. Yes there are videos on all of this online if you look. Understand that you don’t have to know any pole moves and that it is okay if you do not. Just dance sensually around the pole and act like the sexy goddess you are. You will likely dance in front of an entire room of people. That can be a terrifying at first. I promise you that we were all new once. Some dancers may even be reliving the embarrassing first auditions they had. You will be fine and you will become great at what you do. At the end of your audition you will be told if you got the contract or not. After that you will be required to fill out some paper work.

I don’t have a “stripper body”

Strippers come in many shapes and sizes. I’ve seen some big beautiful women dance, I’ve seen super tall girls. I’ve seen girls with mommy bellies. Girls with stretch marks, girls with small boobs, girls with small butts. I’ve even seen some extremely petite women dance. All of these women made good money and so can you. So what if you have saggy boobs? Get the hell up there and dance! Men don’t care as long as there are some titties or butt in their face.

A quick word about safety

As tempting as it may be to go home with some men. Please be very careful. You WILL be offered money for sex in this job. You can lose your job if you accept.  I don’t care what you do on your own time, but if the club finds out that you are taking offers on going home with people from the club then you can be fired. Do not accept drinks handed to you by customers. Also never leave a drink unattended. Do not accept drugs from anyone including other girls. Girls have died from situations like these. 

I hope you enjoy your new job as a sexy seductress stripper. Tune in again to find out how to hustle and maximize your sales.

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