There’s a Planner made just for Sex Workers

the hustle honey planner is the first blank planner made for sex workers

WOW- a planner JUST for Sex Workers called The Hustle Honey Planner is now available. This planner is made FOR sex workers, BY a sex worker-Valentina Rose of And YES it has “blank” dates so YOU can start using this 12-month planner right away.

Full Disclosure, I did not even KNOW this product was being offered until ManyVids Blog did a feature on it. Their blog features an interview with its creator, Valentina Rose. She has worked in MANY areas of the sex work industry so she has some serious insight into what WE need. So when I saw the MV article I KNEW this was a product worth having. I saw that @AdultGirlBoss has a twitter account and immediately followed. And THIS TWEET let me know the Hustle Honey Planner is now half price for the next 100 orders! So you have better RUN to and order one NOW before everyone else does!

I ran and bought one right away and…

Matter of fact, I went and BOUGHT one right away my damn self . And you KNOW as soon as it arrives I will give you some thoughts on it. I cannot wait to use it. The planner has areas to track sales, to help with film scheduling and MORE. This seems to be a product really and truly made FOR US. Not to mention I LOVE a fucking planner, notebook or TO-DO List, so this was always going to be my kind of thing. 

this is actually more than just a product..

But I think the Hustle Honey Planner has a deeper worth, in that it is just the beginning of consumer goods that will be made for the growing sex worker culture. It is really one of the first-if not THE first product-specially designated for a new, lucrative demographic-the sex workers. We are an active force who knows what we want and knows how to stick together to GET our due, culturally and politically. I predict more goods and services are coming that will be marketed directly to US. And though this planner is made BY us, I think that our leverage as a economic group will end up attracting more traditional businesses to court our money. SO SPEND on products made for SW’s by SW’s.

NOTE: also offers premade NiteFlirt profiles. If you want to spruce up your NF profile and pages but don’t know HOW then buying one of their templates could be the difference between small money and BIG money. And follow them on twitter while you’re at it!

Don’t forget to check out PART TWO of this series when I take the Honey Hustle Planner for a test run~ Coming SOON!

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