Beauty Hack! The BEST Way to Clean Makeup Brushes

this simple beauty hack is the BEST way to clean your makeup brushes and some other beauty tools

The BEST BEAUTY HACK EVER? You will never clean your makeup brushes the same way again.

I am going to tell you the BEST way to clean your makeup brushes. This method removes all the old makeup from your beauty tools WITHOUT ruining the brush bristles. Read on for this amazing beauty hack you will WISH you had known years ago!

What are the most popular ways to clean makeup brushes?

Generally speaking, there are two camps as far as the “how to” of cleaning your makeup brushes. If you are reading this you likely already fall into one of the two camps. First camp makeup lovers clean their brush with a mild cleaning solution. This can be dish soap or special beauty soap for brushes. The second camp uses alcohol to clean their brushes. I’ve been a member of both camps but KNEW there had to be a better way. I FOUND IT.

Makeup brushes get dirty and discolored. So HOW do you clean them?

I was originally a member of the first camp. I used some type of mild soap or cleaner as the way to clean the brushes. If you are like me you probably tried different TYPES of mild sudsy cleaner before finding one you really liked. If you’re like me then you’ve used mild dishwashing liquid or a watered down version of some type hand soap. I know, I know, it SOUNDS better to just use the antibacterial soap on them. Who wants all those nasty germs on something you are going to use on your FACE over and over?

Think about how harsh antibacterial soap feels on your skin…WHY put it on your pricey tools?

However, take a second to think about THIS: you probably have invested in some GOOD makeup brushes at some point. These are brushes that are too nice and too pricey to consider “disposable.” You are going to want to USE those brushes for a long time so you need something GENTLE to clean them. We all know antibacterial soap (think: hand soap in a pump) is simply not good enough. Take a moment to think about how DRY your hands feel after using that soap. It just does something detrimental to the skin after a while. Well we both know that if your SKIN feels like that then it must be ruining your brushes too.

A better option for the first camp would seem to be a milder low-sudsing soap. One that would be gentle on your brushes like it would your skin. But after experimenting with one on My NICE brushes (from companies like It Cosmetics, Morphe, Too Faced, Tarte, and more) it became apparent that it might be GENTLE. However the brushes were still dirty.

How do I know my makeup brushes were not clean?

How do I know this? I have some brushes with white or lighter colored bristle tips. If those are staying stained then how good of a job can it actually be doing at cleaning them. Remember, cleaning makeup brushes is not just about cleaning away potential germ growth. It is also about cleaning off the OLD makeup from them. This way you have a nice fresh beauty tool. One that will not introduce random colors into your beautifully planned and painstakingly applied makeup during future applications.

My makeup brushes are too expensive to risk on cleaners that ruin them.

Keep reading, I am getting to the beauty hack soon. First I detail WHY you do not want to use the usual means to clean your makeup brushes.

Finally after deciding that the soaps just were not cutting it I decided to try actual BRUSH CLEANSER. The kind you buy at any drug store or beauty specialty store. In  other words, I paid to discover one of two things:

  1. I was buying a cleanser basically the same as mild dishwashing liquid or mild soap but paying twice as much. Sure it was in a prettier package that made me FEEL like I was buying something special. However I was just using the same old soaps from around the house for the most part.
  2. I was just actually buying alcohol cut with water.

I’ve been paying all this money for THAT? I needed a better way to remove gunk and dirt from my beauty brushes.

Wait a second, alcohol cut with water? YES! In other words, some brands of brush cleaner are selling you a pricey version of what many beauty lovers already do: Clean with alcohol. However, I found that alcohol was actually pretty effective. It seemed to get rid of most of the makeup color from the bristles. It also acts as a sort of disinfectant. How could this be wrong? I even went so far as to buy a pump bottle and add my own alcohol and purified water mix. It made an extremely cheap version of the same thing. The beauty stores were selling me this for up to twenty times as much as it cost me to make.

Nonetheless, like all things that seem too good to be true, there is a catch. The alcohol seemed to do an okay job of cleaning. It certainly can kill stray germs as we know too. However it wreaked havoc on the state of my brushes when I used it over and over. Yet again it came back to the health of my brushes. The continued use of alcohol made them dry and some bristles eventually broke and fell out. This makes sense after all. Alcohol has a VERY drying effect.

Would you put alcohol on your skin day after day?

You would never just put raw or watered down alcohol on your SKIN over and over. You would expect some type of issue to occur. And using straight alcohol on hair just cannot be good unless it is one small part of a larger mixture. So I was back to square one. Both the mild soap and alcohol camps were right-those things did indeed clean my brushes. They just ruined the texture of the great and pricey items I was expecting to use on MY SKIN. Then after ruining them STILL didn’t actually deliver the resultsI needed. So what was a beauty lover to DO?

You will kick yourself for not thinking of this beauty hack!

I thought about how I take makeup off of MY FACE. Taking a moment to recall what types of things worked well for removing makeup from my skin brought a solution. I just did not FIND this solution at ALL when searching how to clean makeup brushes. Here it comes, guys, and you will kick yourself for not thinking of this yourself sooner: MICELLAR WATER. I just used a basic inexpensive brand available in the drug store (starts with a “G”). I then tried it again with another brand to see how if it was consistent. And it IS!

A perfect and inexpensive beauty hack!

Are you saying “duhhh” to yourself right now? Basically that was my reaction too. Good ole micellar water did EVERYTHING I wanted and I could see results right away. This is the perfect beauty hack for cleaning dirty makeup brushes. The makeup came off fast and it cleaned the white part of the bristles back to their original color. That’s right! They returned to the color they were when I first bought them.

Neither alcohol nor the soap method could do THAT. And the best part about the micellar water solution? It keeps my bristles soft, clean, and intact. I mean, just THINK about how gentle it is on your own skin. It is a one step product that is meant just for cleaning the most delicate skin on your body-the face. You do not know me well enough to really realize how vain I am about my facial skin! But I AM. So If I can trust it on my face over and over-then I know I can trust it on my beauty tools.

But the story doesn’t end here…

However, the story doesn’t end there. After all my searching for the right thing to do the job I kept a holdover from the alcohol/soap methods. Now and then I use alcohol as a secondary effort to clean the brushes. After using micellar water as usual I will use alcohol too, but purely as a means to somewhat disinfect.

The alcohol is too dry to use as an everyday brush cleaner. However it has the added benefit of helping to kill off any budding germs. So after every 5 or 6 regular brush cleanings I will give them an added alcohol spritz. This kills off any baddies that might try and take root on my precious beauty tools. AND I can still benefit from the alcohol without having to RUIN my brush tools with repeated use of it. Now THAT is an easy way to clean makeup brushes and is totally hackworthy

Caring for your makeup brushes correctly pays off

One thing I did not change though in this grand search for a brush cleaning hack? I still dry my brushes carefully, and often hang and reshape them. After all, sometimes wet environments hasten mold growth (and more). So I have to make certain to dry them properly and make sure they retain their shape as well. I do make sure to take care of that aspect no matter the cleaning method.

I KNOW this method is going to work wonders for you like it has ME! If you’re already firmly in love with the soap or alcohol routines then take note. You can FEEL how your brushes change with repeated use of those methods. Has it made them less soft over time? Have they ever really returned to their original pre-purchase color? Then see what happens when you try my Micellar Water method! It has made a HUGE difference for me and saved my brushes and maybe even my skin!

Tried my suggestion? Have a way you LOVE cleaning your beauty tools?Leave a comment and let me know how it works for you! Share your experience with other readers.

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