Not making money? Time to tweak your methods

NO matter how successful your run as a findom or sex worker has been, there will be times when things just seem to dry up. Suddenly you’re not meeting new subs or fans. Maybe it seems like no one is buying your content or even liking your posts. This is not just YOU. It happens to everyone in the game. No matter how well your career in the SW scene is going, there comes a time when the well runs dry. The money and subs are not there for you like they once were.

But there is GOOD NEWS! Firstly remember this happens to EVERYONE at some point. Their success is not on the same level it used to be. Less payboys contact them. The money just isn’t as good as it once was. Dry times are NOT happening to JUST YOU. That is your sign to not give up. If everyone gave up when things got tough, you’d have no peers in the scene. But you DO have peers. Therefore a slump is a surmountable obstacle.

Money slumps happen to everyone.

So here is THE fact to consider if you are in a slump. Whatever it is that you are doing right now is NOT enough. Think about it. If what you are doing in terms of promotion or effort was enough, then you would be getting the results you crave. Need to meet more subs and paying fans? Then you have to change something. If you leave things the same then results will probably be the same.

Without a doubt the best way to make the change is to ADD something. No need to stop doing the things you already do. Simply ADD to them. If twitter has worked for you in the past then there is no need to STOP doing it. Clearly it will work for you again in the future. It is just not enough anymore. So add in a NEW form of social media. Time to try Instagram. Why? THERE ARE NEW FANS TO MEET THERE. There will be people who have never seen you before.

Social media is not sex worker friendly
Use it! Just use it with CAUTION.

Be careful. Social media is not always sex worker friendly.

That being said, Instagram is not especially sex worker friendly. Because of this you will need to be careful what you post. But IG could still end up bringing you new fans and networking opportunities. Truly it is just an example. There are a LOT of places to go. Reddit and Fetlife have active scenes. As sex workers we ALWAYS have to be careful what types of things we post. However, a new site means new fans, followers and MONEY.

The point is this. DON’T BE DISCOURAGED. When findom throws you a wall, go around it. When sex work is becoming moneyless work, expand your range. When something NEW is added to what you do, new MONEY will follow. Making clips is another great example. TRY IT. It can not only give you a form of passive income, it can aid you in meeting NEW subs and fans.

Due Diligence is your BFF

It is up to YOU to care enough about your career to do further research. I think of it as DUE DILIGENCE. You need to be willing to do some very basic research to find new places to put profiles or get active. You cannot wait for someone to hold your hand and tell you everything. If this is your mentlity then you will not have what it takes to make it in the world of findom and sex work.

Put the work into sex work

That being said, there is PLENTY of help out there. There are articles to read (HELLO!) and mentors who can help you. But your FD or SW career is in YOUR hands. When it comes down to it, you are going to have to take the reins and get your hustle on. This means you might need to google to find new sites and apps where you can get active or make a profile. It also helps to watch what others in the scene are doing. Just keeping your eyes open can lead you to new places and ideas where you can PROMOTE yourself.

Effort is NECESSARY. Period.

Self promotion is everything in this industry. Get active with it. Make new content to sell. This alone can lead to new interest in you from a whole new group of fans. This has worked for me personally. Everytime I get “stuck” and want new money or subs, I simply branch out. This has been done via joining new profile sites, getting active on threads, making new content to SELL in new places. Everytime I do something NEW I have better luck. New people suddenly discover me. This leads to money.

This effort is more than worth it. It is NECESSARY. In findom or most sex work that effort is absolutely required. You must have enough hustle in you to make more content or be active in new places. If you don’t have that hustle then this life is not for you. You know what you want. Get your fingers typing, make that effort and go GET IT.